At AXA, the emphasis is on trust, flexibility and teamwork. Our modern Smart Working work model reflects an increased desire to work from home as well as rapidly changing work habits. The increasing digitalization of processes and the use of modern work tools enable our employees to have extremely  flexible working arrangements – irrespective of time and place – to collectively achieve the company's objectives.

Smart Working is a  win-win situation  for you, for AXA, and for our customers. 

Benefits of Smart Working

Smart Working is all about the contribution you make to the company's objectives rather than the place where you actually make your contribution. Your place of work is determined by where you are the most productive, by what your personal preferences are and ultimately by what brings the greatest benefit to our customers. 

  • You have a say in how the team works together.
    You and your team jointly decide how you work together – digitally, physically, or a combination of the two.
  • You're flexible in terms of where and when you work.
    You can choose between working in your office at AXA, at home, or in a place where you feel comfortable.  
  • The team approach to work is a collaborative one.
    Time in the office provides an opportunity for intensive creative and personal exchanges with your colleagues. Personal contact and team cohesion are maintained through regular team meetings in the office.
  • Your resilience improves.
    Your work/life balance improves due to greater flexibility in terms of deciding your own working hours.

If you'd like to know how staff at our company put the Smart Working work model into practice in their teams and what their typical daily work looks like, then have a look at the following examples.

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    Smart Working in a team

    The two teams Reserving & Valuation Individual Life from the Risk Management area and Actuarial Life & Savings present their work model.

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    Patricia's flexible work arrangement

    Full-time job in the sales force as a single mother? "Yes, it's fine," says Patricia.

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    Flexible work arrangements for creative teams

    The Brand & Advertising team, led by Claudia, works flexibly and independently in a very creative environment.

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Your work determines where you work

Innovation is important to AXA. We therefore put key points of the new work model into practice when developing our new Smart Working work model and also revised our workplace concept. This way, our employees' preferences are taken fully into account and there are many options when it comes to work location. All in the spirit of Smart Working. 

When working in the office, the focus is on collaboration, exchange and communication, which is why we have created more communication areas within the company. These could be meeting rooms of various sizes or even simple places where people can chat such as lounges and individual booths.  Thanks to digitalization, most of our meeting rooms have a modern IT infrastructure to facilitate hybrid meetings, enabling employees who are not on site to take part easily. 

We embrace agile working 

As an insurance company, we are in a rapidly changing environment. Modern work methods are essential to enable us to react quickly to the associated changes and still be able to cater more rapidly and effectively to our customers' requirements.

We see agility as not just a work method, but also a way of thinking and leading. This agile mindset means being able to adapt quickly and flexibly to new circumstances and situations. This requires a healthy culture of trust where hierarchical thinking is less important and networks are more important. AXA also features agile as well as classic teams. Depending on the range of tasks involved, these teams work using the Scrum or Kanban method. We also use customer-centric agile methods such as design thinking. The agile mindset is already firmly embedded with us. It is relevant for nearly all of our employees in their daily work. 

Flexwork – flexible models within Smart Working

As well as working smart, we also offer you flexible work models such as part-time work to suit a wide variety of needs – depending on which phase of life you're in. Flexible work models have been very important at our company for a long time: for men and women as well as for young and experienced people. With Flexwork, we combine work models that offer flexibility in terms of time. Smart Working offers our employees new work models that are highly flexible in terms of how their working time is organized. These flexible working time arrangements are extremely beneficial, particularly for helping improve work/home life balance.

Our Flexwork models are:


Part-time models are a pressing need today and we take account of this demand. For example, we advertise all jobs at a workload of 80 to 100 percent, and 26 percent of senior management already work on a reduced workload basis.

At AXA, 51 percent of women and 20 percent of men work part-time.

You can work part-time with us and still have a career. It’s possible to have a position in senior management with a workload starting at 50 percent.

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    Mirjam's part-time career

    Despite a small workload, Mirjam has a responsible job as an HR manager at AXA.

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    Part-time is not a career killer.

    Senior Software Engineer Ramon and Martin, Head of Sales People Development & Controlling, both work part-time and have a career at AXA.

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Job sharing and topsharing

Are you interested in applying for an exciting job but unable to work the full hours? Then apply together with a colleague on a job-sharing basis. AXA will support you if you want to share your job – even if it's a management position.

Senior Flex

Would you like to spend more time on your hobbies or with your grandchildren before you retire? After age 58, you can reduce your workload by up to 20 percent while maintaining your insured salary in the pension fund.

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    The Senior Flex work model

    Rather than semi-retirement, Kurt opted for the Senior Flex work model.

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Flexible retirement

More and more of our experienced employees would like to take gradual retirement. At AXA, there are various flexible retirement models available, from gradually reducing your workload to part-retirement.

32 percent of all employees from age 50 work part-time at AXA.

Internal mobility and job rotation

Time to do and learn something new? Or would you like a temporary placement? You never stand still at AXA. We give you the opportunity to continually develop your career internally and discover your potential in various departments.

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