Our corporate culture

Every success story begins with self-belief - in your own talent and strengths. Sometimes we encounter resistance which makes us doubt ourselves and prevents us from grasping opportunities. We at AXA would like to make people feel strong enough to believe in themselves, even in challenging situations.

As employer, we stand by your side as your partner: we believe in you, support and promote you and show you opportunities for your future. We motivate you and offer you freedom so that you can bring together things that are important to you. A future-looking partnership is created together with your commitment and individual abilities - for you, for us and for our customers. And not just for now. But also for the long term.

Write your own success story with us: Know You Can!


We put into practice what connects us:
Our values

Our values describe how we go about things at AXA, make decisions and interact with one another. They help us to continue developing and show us what contribution is required from each and everyone of us in the company. That’s because our employees are the key to our success.

The values of AXA are: customer first, integrity, courage and One AXA.

AXA values

Our AXA values enable us to work together in new types of networks at AXA and to re-interpret leadership:

  • Lorenz Heinzer

    For me, Customer First means treating customers as I would like to be treated.

    Lorenz, Customer Experience & Strategy

  • Sandra Kern

    Courage for me means daring to do something new, questioning the tried and trusted every day, communicating openly but also listening and using my own common sense.

    Sandra, Risk Management

  • Gabriele Julius

    OneAXA for me is: Looking beyond the end of my nose, having a real interest for topics outside my area of responsibility, putting myself in the other person’s shoes and helping contribute to reaching AXA’s overall goals.

    Gabriele, Finance

  • Christoph Gall

    For me, Integrity means “What you see is what you get” - what I say should be consistent with what I do and satisfy a high moral and ethical standard.

    Christoph, AXA IT

AXA transformation network

Digitization requires a cultural transformation in companies: Our response to this challenge is AXA’s unique transformation network: A total of fifty Trafo scouts and Trafo networkers are actively driving forward the necessary changes in the culture in individual business areas. Workshops for team and organizational development, individual coaching sessions and network events support our employees on the path to cultural transformation and to reaching our corporate goals.


Leadership at AXA means driving things forward and taking responsibility. Our understanding of leadership and our AXA values are reflected in everyday life in how we work together - self-organized in a team or classically established, in collaboration beyond the different business areas and exchanging ideas on an equal footing.

Three areas are at the center of our understanding of leadership:

1. Self-leadership

Whoever can lead themselves, act on their own initiative, set their own goals and occasionally review their actions can also lead others. Self-leadership means dealing with your own resources, personal situation and sensitivities in a self-critical way: It requires stable self-regulation and a balanced look at oneself - always with the willingness and openness to continue developing and learning.


2. Topic leadership

Leadership affects all employees in terms of responsibility for a topic or an assignment at AXA – depending on the role and environment in which they work


3. Leading others

Leading employees places high demands on a manager’s approach and view of people. Both are significant for our day-to-day actions. Leading others means leading people in a conventional role of line manager and employee. However, it also means instructing, accompanying, supporting and developing employees in alternative organizational structures and work concepts such as agility and lean.


AXA & You

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