Innovations & start-ups

AXA focuses on innovations to solve customers’ problems: This is why we work with start-ups and review our ideas with a test & learn approach. This allows us to ensure that the new services find acceptance with our customers and solve their problems.

  • Experience with start-ups and research
  • Fairness guarantee
  • Major business potential

Collaboration with start-ups

Do you have an established, innovative business model or a new technology you want to get out there? A partnership with AXA can create added value for your business and for AXA too. 

One of our focal points is on solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the following areas:

  • Cyber services

    Cyber services

  • Net-zero solutions

    Net-zero solutions

  • Employee health

    Employee health

Our other focal point is on services for private individuals in the following areas:

  • Cyber issues

    Cyber issues

  • Sustainability


  • Housing and real estate

    Housing and real estate

  • E-mobility


  • Health


Possible ways of working together

Do you have a solution in one of the areas above, and are you interested working with us? Then please contact us with your pitch deck. A collaboration can be structured in a variety of ways depending on your needs :  

  • We jointly develop customer offerings in the form of products, services, or touchpoints.
  • We  optimize processes with solutions forged and coordinated in a spirit of partnership.
  • Your business integrates AXA products or services into its own offering.
  • We act as your distribution partner and offer your products or services to our customers.


We are already working with a number of businesses and partners:

AXA's Open Innovation Team

Are you interested in working with AXA or do you have any questions? Then please send us your query or the following information:

  • Your pitch deck with a clear reference to our focal points
  • Show the main benefit for the target group 
  • Scalable solution for the Swiss market (available in at least one of the national languages)
  • Compliance with data protection requirements
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