Support for the Swiss system of part-time public service

Support for the system of part-time public service

AXA Switzerland takes social responsibility seriously, and its commitments in this respect include supporting the Swiss system of part-time public service. This involves donating to parties represented in the Swiss Parliament and helping staff who hold political office.  

Donations to parties  

AXA Switzerland has an annual budget for donating to political parties as a means of supporting the Swiss system of part-time public service and funding the parties' work in government. In accordance with the principles of balance and transparency, all parties that have a combined total of at least five seats on the Council of States and the National Council and submit an application may receive donations. There are no conditions parties have to meet to receive donations, and AXA asks for nothing in return.  

Party funding in 2023

AXA Switzerland's total budget for donations in 2023 was CHF 170,000. It paid each party CHF 690 for every seat it holds in the Swiss Parliament, with no differentiation between the National Council and the Council of States. All parties that were entitled to receive donations did so in 2023.

Donations to political parties by AXA Switzerland, 2023

Overview of AXA's donations to parties in 2023

In addition, AXA provided financial support in 2023 to the youth wings of political parties and young politicians. The amount per candidate did not exceed CHF 3,000 per year and totaled CHF 5,000 per youth wing of a political party. There were no conditions candidates had to meet to receive these donations, and AXA asked for nothing in return.

Support for employees involved in the system of part-time public service 

As well as donating to the country's political parties, AXA Switzerland also supports staff who hold political office at national, cantonal or communal level. They are allowed to devote up to 20% of their working hours to their political work by agreement with their line manager. 

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