Sustainable real estate from AXA

AXA is the largest real estate investor in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. AXA Switzerland invests about 15 percent of its customers’ premiums in Swiss real estate. This generates sustainable returns for us over the long term and provides security for the funds our customers invest with us. 

  • Housing for all generations
  • Renting with no security deposit
  • Environmentally friendly buildings

Sustainability in the construction and management of real estate

AXA’s real estate portfolio is managed by AXA Investment Managers. For years, our real estate experts have been analyzing the portfolio based on ESG criteria in order to continually improve its sustainability. Constructing sustainable buildings that work well both for their occupants and for the environment is very important to us. 

As with sustainable investments, we also pursue a uniform approach in constructing and managing sustainable real estate properties. This is why we systematically incorporate ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance) into our decisions along the entire lifecycle of our properties. In all three ESG areas, we have set ourselves targets that we continually adapt to the latest framework conditions.

AXA's sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy is aligned with the overarching, global sustainability strategy of the AXA Group. It is based on the three-pillar principle:

  1. Decarbonization of our portfolio of buildings
  2. Resilience to climate and transition risks
  3. Building for the world of tomorrow

The first two pillars prioritize increasing energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of the entire real estate portfolio. Our energy consumption and emissions targets are aligned with the 1.5 degrees target of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). With this approach, we are striving to attain net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  

We renovate a good number of our buildings every year. The focus is on increasing the energy efficiency of our properties and cutting CO2 emissions. In new-build and renovation projects, we give preference to natural and low-energy materials. By promoting renewable energies and abandoning fossil-fuel heating, we are significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of our real estate. 

In addition to energy aspects, we also incorporate biodiversity criteria and social factors into our real estate development and management.  At the same time, we take social trends and developments into account.  For example, we plant our flat roofs to create a network of “stepping stones” for biodiversity. Another of our goals is to enable our tenants to enjoy elderly friendly and barrier-free living. And we are equipping some of the parking lots at our properties with electric charging stations.

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    Sustainability Report

    A holistic sustainability strategy combined with our innovative spirit enhance the value of our real estate investments. Read more in the Sustainability Report of AXA Investment Managers Switzerland – Real Assets.

    To the 2022/2023 Sustainability Report (in german)

AXA real estate

AXA constructs environmentally friendly low-energy buildings to promote this type of architecture and also takes care to create both living and working spaces for all segments of the population. We are constantly developing new projects and renovating buildings in our own portfolio.

Some of our projects

Telli Aarau

Two apartment complexes in Telli Aarau owned by the AXA Investment Foundation underwent an energy renovation without the residents having to move out. Both housing blocks, which comprise 581 apartments, were given new elevators and stairwells as well as a completely new facade and larger balconies. The spacious outdoor area in Telli was also renovated based on numerous inputs from the residents.

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    Telli Aarau

    The Telli district is a unique residential area in Aarau. Both housing blocks owned by the AXA Investment Foundation underwent an energy renovation and received SNBS (Standard Nachhaltiges Bauen Schweiz) sustainable construction certification.

    To Telli portal (in german)

Haus zum Falken in Zurich

The world-famous architect Santiago Calatrava is creating a masterpiece of modern architecture for the AXA Investment Foundation at Stadelhofen railway station. The building, which adjoins the station that he designed, has an ornate facade and is proportioned to blend into the neighborhood. Under the building, a three-story bike station is being built on behalf of the City of Zurich.

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    Haus zum Falken, Zurich

    With its Haus zum Falken project, the AXA Investment Foundation is realizing a sophisticated urban investment property near the Stadelhofen train station. The bike station contributes to sustainable urban mobility.

    More about the Haus zum Falken (in german)

AXA Real Estate Fund Switzerland

The AXA Switzerland's real estate fund AXA Real Estate Fund Switzerland features a large percentage of attractive Swiss residential properties. The portfolio is actively managed and broadly diversified in terms of location, use and tenant structure. The fund aims to deliver performance that is both stable and continuous and is open exclusively to certain qualified, tax-exempt investors in Switzerland.

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    AXA Real Estate Fund Switzerland

    The fund invests primarily in high-quality residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

    AXA Real Estate Fund Switzerland

Are you interested in renting a property?

AXA Investment Managers Switzerland Ltd leases apartments as well as office and retail space.

  • Offices available in AXA properties are advertised on
  • External service providers take care of AXA properties. Available apartments can be found on well-known real estate portals.

Are you trying to sell your property?

AXA Investment Managers is interested in properties and projects throughout Switzerland. We focus on the following investments:

Residential property (multi-family homes starting at approx. CHF 10 million)

  • Good connections to public and private transportation
  • Communities with more than 5,000 residents preferred

Office and commercial buildings (starting at approx. CHF 10 million)

  • In commercial centers throughout Switzerland
  • Good connections to transportation

Hotels (starting at approx. CHF 20 million)

  • Business hotels in major cities
  • No vacation hotels

Project developments and building land (starting at approx. CHF 10 million)

  • Rental apartments and pre-let commercial projects
  • We invest in different stages of development

If you are interested in selling your property to AXA, then please contact our real estate experts at AXA Investment Managers.

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