Transparency and data

Transparency and data

We are frank in informing you about our company. On the other hand, we protect your data in accordance with the currently applicable data protection regulations.


  • Unedited customer reviews
  • Transparent investment decisions
  • Maximum security for your data

What we stand for:

  • Loyalty toward each other

    For many years, our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and partners have appreciated our quality offering,  our comprehensive service and our reliable collaboration.  We owe our success to your trust. 

  • Integrity

    AXA observes rigorous professional standards. It has recorded these in a comprehensive document describing the standards and business practices of the AXA Group. All AXA employees must familiarize themselves with these principles and apply them in their professional life.

  • Transparent investment decisions

    As an investor, AXA takes a clear position and provides insight into its investments and voting behavior at general and shareholder meetings of companies.

    To sustainable investments

Partial revision of the Federal Act on Insurance Contracts (ICA)

The revised ICA will enter into force on January 1, 2022. This revision of the law will result in improvements for customers and bring the former provisions into line with new, changed circumstances.

Overview of the key changes to the law:

Simplified formal requirements

Where formal requirements are specified by the law, the requirements for the written form will be simplified. In future, any form of communication will be permitted that serves as written proof (e.g. email); this will greatly simplify business transactions. 

Right of withdrawal

In future, policyholders will be able to withdraw from a contract within a period for reflection of 14 days. This will require only a message from the customer either in writing or some other form that can serve as written proof. 

Ordinary right of termination

For multi-year contracts, the law now stipulates that both contracting parties may terminate the contract at the end of the third insurance year or at the end of a subsequent insurance year. With supplementary health insurance, this right of termination is available only to you as the customer. We are not permitted to terminate the contract (even in the event of a claim). 

Limitation period

In future, claims arising from an insurance contract can be asserted for up to five years following the occurrence of an event instead of up to two years as in the past.

Direct right to claims in respect of liability insurance

The direct right to claims for injured parties will be expanded to all types of liability insurance. In future, injured parties will be able to assert claims in all cases directly with the liability insurer of the person who caused the loss. In practice this means, for instance, that your landlord can come to us directly as your liability insurer if they have claims from the repair of damage caused by you as a tenant. We will then ask you to complete a claims report. 

Contracts concluded prior to January 1, 2022

If you conclude an insurance contract in 2021 that only takes effect after January 1, 2022, the new, revised GIC (General Insurance Conditions) will apply. Please note that you may still be given the old GIC when concluding this contract, as we are currently in an ongoing transition process. Your advisor will be happy to help.

Transparent customer reviews

We reveal what our customers say about us. This feedback is very important to us. We respond to all negative comments publicly. Judge for yourself!

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    In online shops it's long been standard: 65% of purchase decisions are influenced by customer reviews.

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