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Commitment to a good cause is a long-held tradition at our company. AXA and its employees support projects across the globe in the areas of social issues, the environment, and education through both donations and volunteer work assignments.

AXA Hearts in Action

The most valuable thing we can give to society is our time and commitment. This idea is behind the global initiative "AXA Hearts in Action." AXA employees invest some of their time for others or the environment. In 2023, around 700 employees in Switzerland demonstrated their commitment by carrying out several thousand hours of volunteer work in the outdoors or for social projects.

Work in natural reserves to protect the rare small red damselfly.

Work in natural reserves to protect the rare small red damselfly.

Example of our commitment to nature 

With our Flora Futura initiative, we aim  to create around two million square meters of space in which biodiversity can flourish in Switzerland by 2025  – including with the help of our volunteers. Together with our partners, we are working to combat climate change.

  • Reforestation with the mountain forest protection project
    The Bergwald project is a charitable foundation in Trin, Graubünden, which promotes the maintenance, care, and protection of the forest, especially the mountain forest. In addition, it attaches great importance to drawing the population’s attention to interdependencies in nature. Our employees contribute to projects to maintain and reforest protected forest areas and moorland as well as to promote mixed woodland.
AXA’s volunteer work for the mountain forest project

AXA’s volunteer work for the mountain forest project

  • Outdoor volunteering with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) (in German)
    Employees help increase biodiversity and improve habitats.
  • Sustainable development of mountain regions with the organization Bergversetzer (in German)
    By volunteering in projects with the organization Bergversetzer, our employees contribute to increasing biodiversity and the sustainable development of mountain regions.
  • Volunteer work outdoors and in the  BirdLifeThurauen, and Silberweide natural reserves (in German)
    Natural reserves are vital habitats that are essential for the survival of demanding animal and plant species. During volunteer assignments, our employees remove neophytes and shrubs or set up small structures for amphibians, and thus make a valuable contribution to protecting and preserving native plants and animals.

Examples of social assignments 

AXA has been committed to providing assistance in the area of social work for many years now, working together with various organizations, including the Swiss Red Cross (SRC). Our employees support various projects, such as:

  • Red Cross Vacations (SRC)
    Some 50 children from crisis and war-torn areas can spend a week in the Red Cross vacation camp, giving them the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities as well as to relax. During the vacation week, they can take part in a varied program featuring lots of games and fun. In addition to a financial contribution, AXA sends a team of employees to accompany the children on their journey to camp and back home.
AXA employees with children at a Red Cross Vacation

AXA employees with children at a Red Cross Vacation

Red Cross Vacation 2023 − Rheinfall bei Schaffhausen

Red Cross Vacation 2023 − Rheinfall bei Schaffhausen

  • Christmas present campaign for children (SRC)
    During the Christmas season, the Red Cross in Geneva distributes 4,500 presents to children whose families are experiencing financial difficulties. Our employees support the campaign by buying presents or donating directly.
  • 2x Christmas (SRC)
    With the “2× Christmas” campaign,  gift packages are donated to people in need. Our employees support the campaign by opening, sorting, and putting the packages together so that they can be distributed.
  • Online cartography (SRC)
    Remote regions at risk of humanitarian crises such as natural catastrophes, pandemics, epidemics, or conflicts, often have only very vague or even lack maps, which makes the work of aid organizations more difficult. In a so-called "mapathon", a special form of corporate volunteering, the participating employees enter the geographic data of certain areas so that maps can then be generated.
  • Application training for young people
    Together with Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES), around 20 employees conduct application training for students in secondary education.

  • Tischlein deck dich
    The Tischlein deck dich organization (in German) saves unspoiled food from going to waste and hands it out to people in poverty. Our employees lend a helping hand by preparing and distributing meals.
  • Assignments with the Brühlgutstiftung (in German)
    Our employees support people with disabilities at the Brühlgutstiftung with their activities, thus promoting social exchange and a mutual understanding for one another.

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