Be yourself! We believe in you and would like you to be able to develop with us. We see diversity as a key success factor and different perspectives as enriching and creative resources.

Openness, respect, and appreciation of differences and similarities constitute essential characteristics of the way we work at AXA. These principles help us to develop innovative solutions for the different expectations of our customers.

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    Fabrizio Petrillo, CEO AXA Switzerland

    I firmly believe that as a modern insurance company we need diverse employees! That's because by bringing together various perspectives we generate new, creative solutions, services, and products. However, diversity is not just important from a business perspective: I am a strong believer in promoting diversity at all levels, flexible working models, and work/life balance.


It's important to us that every employee at AXA has the same opportunities. We are committed to three areas to help you develop your full potential with us: flexible working, gender equality, and generation management.

Diversity, generational mix, gender mix, flexibility in working hours

Diversity is part of us – we reflect our customers

Generational mix – added value for all


Would you like to know how you can drive forward your career and expand your network at the same time? Thanks to our Mentoring Program, you and your colleagues from different work areas and career levels will find the answers to questions that are uppermost in your mind. The role of mentors and mentees is therefore flexible here: one day you ask questions, the next you give answers. 

Gradual reduction in workload and Senior Flex

Would you like to spend more time on your hobbies or with your grandchildren before you retire? From age 58 and in consultation with your line managers, you can reduce your workload by 20 % but still remain insured in the pension fund based on your original workload, despite the drop in salary.

Family and elder care

If you have questions about looking after children and family members, our skilled specialist unit can help and support you, for example by finding suitable care arrangements for your parents.

Gender equality – be yourself

Equality between men and women

The Executive Board has set itself the goal of having 30 % of senior management posts occupied by women by 2023. To that end, we are involved in many initiatives: these include a mentoring program, networking events, an online community, and specific departmental measures.  Since setting ourselves this goal, the proportion of women has been constantly rising. Today, women account for over 20 % of senior management. 

Paternity leave 

We offer fathers up to six weeks' paternity leave, which is far more than the statutory minimum in Switzerland – this is our way of making a contribution to gender equality in society. This is because we believe: your children have a right to their father and their mother. 


We promote exchanges and mutual learning. All members of our Executive Board sponsor a top talent. Will you be one of them?

Smart Working – develop your potential

We firmly believe it's your contribution that matters – rather than the place where you actually make your contribution. That's why we allow Smart Working for all our employees. With this work model, the decision as to where you work is based on where you are at your most productive, how you and your team are able to work best together, and what corresponds to your personal preferences.

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    Smart Working: Flexwork and agile working

    We offer you modern, flexible work models as well as varying career paths. You decide when, where, and how much you work at AXA.

    Smart Working – flexible and modern work models at AXA


Discrimination-free work environment

We do all we can to ensure that you can be yourself at work regardless of your gender, age, ethnicity, beliefs, or sexual orientation.

AXA employees take part in Zurich Pride 2019

By taking part in Zurich Pride, we send a signal that we stand for equality and that everyone can be who they are at AXA. Quite simply: "Know You Can – Be Yourself".

And what happens if you find yourself facing health issues?

We promote the reintegration of people who would like to get back to work after a long illness and are open for applications from the disabled.

We take it seriously

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    We pay fair

    We pay you the salary you deserve. At AXA, men and women receive the same salary for the same job.

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    Best practice distinction

    We help you combine work and family. The UND specialist unit has given us its "best practice" label.

    Find out more through the UND specialist unit (German)
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    Advance Diversity Charter

    We are signatories to the "Letter of intent for gender balance in Swiss business".

    Find out more about advanced gender equality in business.

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