AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits About the Foundation

Take a look behind the scenes at the AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits and find out everything you need to know about our history, organization, and our vision for the cover we provide to our insured members.

AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits

The AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits has a long and successful history. Established in 1969 by what was at the time Winterthur Leben, for almost 60 years it has been offering  solutions for management pensions as a complement to basic occupational benefits cover. 

Through its product Top Invest, the AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits provides supplementary insurance for over 2,300 affiliated companies with more than 9,000 active insured members. It is thus one of the biggest specialists in the extra-mandatory segment of occupational benefits insurance. It is on hand to assist companies throughout Switzerland with its flexible pension solutions.

The AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits has been a semi-autonomous collective foundation since 2019. It manages pension assets in excess of 1.1 billion Swiss francs. Together with AXA as asset manager, the Foundation is committed to investment solutions that are optimally geared to the Foundation's needs. 

Management of investments

  • The Board of Trustees defines the investment strategy; the collective foundation with its affiliated pension funds bears the investment risk.
  • Assets are invested via the asset manager (AXA) specially commissioned by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the investment strategy selected. 

Protection of pension benefits

  • Benefits due if an insured person becomes disabled or dies before the reference age (formerly: retirement age) are reinsured with AXA Life Ltd.
  • The retirement benefits and the associated surviving dependents' pensions in the event of an insured member's death after the reference age (formerly: retirement age) are provided by the Foundation.

Interest model

  • The interest model determined by the Board of Trustees increases transparency and the ability to plan for affiliated customers. 
  • The interest paid on retirement assets is based on the expected coverage ratio at the end of the year, in application of Art. 46 BVV 2/OPO 2.

Administration and management

  • AXA Life Ltd

Strategy and vision

A safe, solid basis is an indispensable part of a secure, healthy, and full life in retirement. And it is precisely to this that the Board of Trustees of the AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits is committed. It seeks to make an attractive return available to insured members, while ensuring a just distribution of funds for all generations in a spirit of intergenerational fairness. 

The Foundation has a very good financial and structural basis. This ensures stability and security. The Board of Trustees aims to maintain this healthy structure, which is why it pursues a balanced growth strategy that safeguards the sustainable further development of the Foundation.

With a focus on the long-term interests of insured members at all times, the Foundation is committed to providing companies and their employees cutting-edge, flexible solutions that take account of changes in the way people live and work today.

Customers with the AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits also benefit from further advantages, such as attractive customer portals, fringe benefits, and health-related services.

Our strengths at a glance

  • Management pension solution with a high level of structural risk capacity
  • Prospect of an attractive return thanks to a reduced redistribution component
  • Capital protection through annuity and/or lump-sum option
  • Optimal buy-in options and above-average potential for buying additional benefits 
  • Attractive online portals and additional services (e.g. OPA Services for employers and WeCare for better employee health)

Organization of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees is the highest governing body and carries responsibility for the AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits. It determines and monitors the strategy, is responsible for managing the investments, and also ensures the sustainable development of the Foundation and its independence. The prime focus is its obligations to its insured members. 

The Board of Trustees has entrusted AXA Life Ltd with the management of the Foundation. AXA Life Ltd is responsible for operational management and implementation of the investment strategy; it also guarantees direct and transparent communication with insured members and companies.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees comprises six members. It has an equal number of employee and employer representatives. Elections to the Board of Trustees are held every four years. The next term of office lasts from 2025 to 2028.

The Board of Trustees of the AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits is composed of the following members:

  • Marc Goumaz (Chair)

    Marc Goumaz (Chair)

    Employee representative

    WIR Bank Genossenschaft, Basel
    Attorney, Legal Services

  • Michael Raaflaub

    Michael Raaflaub

    Employee representative

    Apprenticeship Network, Köniz
    General Manager

  • Daniel Wäger

    Daniel Wäger

    Employee representative

    Metrohm AG, Herisau

  • Christoph B. Bühler

    Christoph B. Bühler

    Employer representative

    böckli bühler partner, Basel

  • Stephan Heuberger

    Stephan Heuberger

    Employer representative

    HRM Systems AG, Winterthur
    Member of the Executive Board

  • Jonas Keller

    Jonas Keller

    Employer representative

    Mäder + Baumgartner Treuhand AG, Neuhausen


The Board of Trustees entrusted one person from among the employees of AXA Life Ltd with the role of “Managing Director of the Foundation” as well as one person with the role of “Deputy Managing Director”. These two roles are expressly bound by instructions in respect of AXA. 

The Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director are:

  • Christian T. Affolter

    Christian T. Affolter

    Managing Director AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits

  • Sandra Chece

    Sandra Chece

    Deputy Managing Director AXA Foundation for Supplementary Benefits

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