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Our free building check gives you a quick assessment of the energy consumption and current carbon emissions of your commercial building as well as an initial estimate of energy efficiency improvements.

All you need to know about the building check

In just a few clicks, our free building check will give you a rundown of the potential savings you can expect for your commercial building. You will also receive an initial rough estimate for

  • the annual energy costs of your company,
  • carbon emissions and the corresponding assessment,
  • your likely energy efficiency class.

If you would like a personalized renovation roadmap for your company and an energy certificate, you can purchase them for a fee at the end of your building check. Our cooperation partner and energy expert in the area of building renovations, Norm Technologies AG, will draw them up for you. And as an AXA Corporate Customer, we will give you a discount of at least CHF 200.

Energy efficiency improvements in the company – save energy and money

Energy efficiency improvements for companies are ways that a building can be refurbished, e.g. by optimizing heating systems, renovating the building envelope or installing a photovoltaic system. The goal of these improvements is to lower both energy consumption and your costs while making the building more comfortable. 

An energy renovation at your company includes switching to renewable energies and heating systems. Although these are often more expensive outlays due to the rising cost of electricity and heating, they pay off over the long term. And you will be helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time doing your part to protect the climate.

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    Subsidies for energy efficiency improvements

    The website provides information on subsidies and funding programs, and you are sure to find the right solution for your energy project.

    To Energiefranken (in German)

FAQ on energy efficiency improvements in the company

  • When should you consider making energy efficiency improvements at your company?

    Not only will an energy renovation help protect the environment and the climate, it will also help your company over the long term because you will see significant savings in your energy costs. This has a positive impact on operating costs, increases the value of your company’s buildings and makes your business more competitive

    But improving your company’s energy efficiency does not always mean that you need a complete renovation. Generally, even smaller improvements will pay off. 

  • What energy renovation options do companies have?

    Companies can reduce their energy consumption using various methods, such as:

    • insulating the building and the roof
    • replacing windows and doors
    • updating the heating system
    • refurbishing or replacing heating, cooling and ventilation systems
    • optimizing the lighting systems
    • using renewable energies
  • How much does it cost to make energy efficiency improvements at a company?

    Companies can get financial assistance for making energy efficiency improvements. The cantons, state and municipalities all offer extensive funding options with varying conditions as well as subsidies. 

    Since 2010, the buildings program offered by the state and the cantons, for example, has been making a significant contribution to the achievement of the national climate targets. The program promotes energy efficiency improvements in buildings, companies that make investments in renewable energies, waste heat utilization and updating building technology systems. 

Always there for you

Have more questions about making energy efficiency improvements at your company? Our experts will be happy to help:


The results of the building check indicate what improvements can be made to a building to lower carbon emissions. The assessment does not provide legally binding results, nor does it give rise to any form of legal entitlement with regard to AXA. The building calculator merely serves to provide possible measures you can take based on the answers you give to questions about relevant sources of CO₂. As these questions are not exhaustive, results therefore make no claim to being complete.These targeted measures for reducing carbon emissions are determined based on an analysis conducted by an expert for the standardized Cantonal Energy Certificate for Buildings (CECB) that is recognized throughout Switzerland. The general data protection provisions apply. 

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