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The AXA Start-up package

AXA is your ideal partner in this adventure of starting your own company. We put together the necessary insurance policies on your behalf. And you receive a comprehensive start-up package with many benefits.

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The benefits of the AXA start-up package

  • Start-up guide
  • Up to CHF 500 start-up help
  • Combination discount of up to 10% on taking out several insurance policies

Get on with your company start-up - with AXA as your partner

The new independence raises many questions for young entrepreneurs. With AXA’s start-up package, these will be clarified and you will be well equipped to take the first steps toward a successful future. The package contains the following benefits and services:

500 in start-up aid

Start your own company easily online at If you take out two business insurance policies with AXA, we’ll give you CHF 500 towards the start-up costs. The insurance cover is tailored towards your needs: Your advisor will analyze your need for obligatory and voluntary insurance.

SME insurance check

With AXA’s SME insurance check, you’ll know immediately what you really need: The online tool works out your insurance needs with just a few clicks. Here’s the way to the SME insurance check

Start-up guide

Our start-up guide gives you tips and tricks on starting up a business. You can order the guide from us for free by mail, regardless of the start-up package.

Questions on risks; recommendations

Our checklist leads you step by step through a risk analysis and offers recommendations on how you can minimize and protect against risks. As well as insurance topics, it also deals with questions on prevention and employee motivation.

Online legal advice with

Penetrating the thicket of laws and regulations is virtually impossible unless you are a lawyer. As a customer of the start-up package, you have a wise guide at your side: from AXA-ARAG.

Legal advice by telephone with AXAjur

Do you have a legal question? You’ll get your answer here. Over the next three years, you are entitled to obtain legal information over the phone worth CHF 200.

Advice on equal terms

During the initial phase of a company start-up, you want to be certain that every franc you invest is going to help your company thrive and expand. That’s why it’s especially important to ensure that your insurance solutions are efficient and take full account of your business's priorities. Our insurance advisors are also entrepreneurs and know which issues and risks you face when starting a business. We will be glad to give you non-binding advice and focus attention on what you should look out for when starting a business.


  • How do I register my company with the AHV?

    You will receive the registration forms automatically after you have entered yourself in the commercial register. In other words, you don’t have to do anything for the time being. If you have a sole proprietorship that does not need to be entered in the commercial register, you will need to notify the compensation fund (AHV/IV/EO) if you make a profit of more than CHF 2,300* annually (Art. 19 of the AHV ordinance). The compensation fund will then decide whether you are “independent” as defined by the law on social insurance. The AHV publishes a summary sheet that defines these criteria for self-employed persons.

  • I would like to withdraw my pension fund and Pillar 3a assets in order to start my own business. What should I do?

    Only those who are registered as self-employed with the compensation fund can withdraw their assets from the occupational benefits insurance. The same applies to assets from a Pillar 3a account. Self-employment refers to sole proprietors or partners. Owners of corporations or limited companies have employee status and are not allowed to withdraw their Pillar 2 and Pillar 3a assets.

    For this reason, entrepreneurs often first set up a sole proprietorship, which they then change into a corporation or limited company at a later date. The application to withdraw assets must be filed within one year of the date on which you become self-employed.

  • How are the assets I withdraw from my pension fund and Pillar 3a account taxed?

    The federal and cantonal authorities will tax the assets you withdraw as income, but at a reduced rate.

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