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As an entrepreneur, you have to take many decisions every day. Many of these decisions are complicated and time-consuming. But deciding on the right insurance solution is very easy. Our SME insurance is tailored to your company's individual needs - it's simple, easy to understand and available online.

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SME insurance: What risks are covered?

AXA’s SME insurance covers the main risks in your company. Whether liability claims brought by third parties, cyber incidents, or malfunctioning equipment: with SME insurance, you can be sure that you're covered for the most common risks in your SME. But a company can basically decide for itself which of these risks it wants to cover.

Liability insurance

Where people work, mistakes can happen. Whether from negligence or ignorance, as result of material defects or production errors: People and property can be affected.  Commercial third-party liability insurance protects a company against the financial consequences that may arise if it unintentionally causes damage to its customers or other external persons. It is one of the voluntary types of business insurance, but is worthwhile for every company that can be held liable based on its operational activities. And this could be practically any company, irrespective of its corporate form: from the self-employed and SMEs to companies of any size.

Directors' and officers' liability insurance

If you carry out an activity based on trust, you must be able to justify your deeds before the law. If you, as managing director or member of the board of directors, make a wrong decision, you are personally liable and your own assets are at risk. With directors' and officers' liability insurance from AXA, you and your assets are covered against such outcomes.

Cyber insurance for companies

Cyber attacks are also increasing every year in Switzerland. Small and medium-sized Swiss enterprises in particular are being increasingly targeted by cyber criminals as they have less money to spend on IT security than large corporations. However, protecting against the risks associated with digital technology is in the interest of every business that operates in the digital world, processes sensitive customer data or depends heavily on reliable access to data and IT infrastructure. There is no such thing as 100% security on the world wide web, but cyber insurance from AXA protects your company against the financial losses a cyber attack might cause.

How secure is your company IT? Carry out the Cyber Check.

Legal protection insurance for companies

Unexpected claims from your employees, problems with the landlord of your commercial properties or trouble because of permits – legal cases such as these regularly come up in the course of ordinary business and often end up in court. With AXA-ARAG by your side, you can fight for your rights without worrying about whether you can still stay in business.

Professional property insurance

Professional property insurance protects property in your company. This includes all movable property (goods, equipment and furnishings, tools and machinery) located in your business. In addition to the value of actual property, the insurance also covers costs such as cleanup and disposal costs or costs for emergency glazing, emergency doors and the recovery of business records. Loss of earnings and additional costs in connection with a business interruption are also covered.

Property insurance normally covers damage from natural perils (bad weather), fire, water, break-ins, and sometimes glass breakage. 

If you run your business in your own property, you can also include building insurance. It is obligatory in practically all Swiss cantons for buildings to be insured against fire and damage caused by natural perils. 

Engineering insurance

Even brief outages of technical systems, machines and IT devices can result in huge financial losses. Engineering insurance from AXA covers the cost of repairing or replacing damaged machinery and technical equipment. The insurance also covers consequential costs such as the expense of data recovery. In addition, the additional costs to maintain operations are covered.

Transportation insurance

Not every transportation route offers the same level of security, not every item in transit is equally sensitive to damage. That's why AXA offers tailored transportation insurance solutions that protect your goods optimally, from departure to arrival at the end-destination. Be on the safe side and don’t just rely on the limited liability of forwarding agents and carriers. Transportation insurance takes effect if goods and equipment are lost or damaged in transit. The risks of theft, robbery, and damage during loading and unloading are also insured.

What other type of insurance do SMEs need?

AXA’s SME insurance covers the main risks in your company. Apart from these major operating risks however, there are also other types of insurance that make sense or are even obligatory for your company. These depend on your legal form, but also on your individual requirements. 

You can use the AXA insurance check to find out exactly what type and amount of protection you and your business require. It will tell you what kinds of insurance are compulsory, which ones are advisable, and which ones require further consideration. All on the basis of your individual business model. In just a few clicks.

Worried about your financial security?

Are you worried about your financial security as a self-employed person? Take advantage of expert advice from AXA’s insurance specialists. We’ll be happy to help and answer all of your questions about insurance, taking the worry out of setting up and running your own company.

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