Promoting women’s football throughout Switzerland – and beyond just the professional leagues

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Women’s football is experiencing a real surge in Switzerland. The sport has seen a spike in interest across all age groups, which makes it possible for talented players to achieve their best performance playing for their local teams. And this is where corporate sponsorships come in. AXA is one of the pioneering companies promoting women’s football throughout Switzerland – not only in the professional leagues, but also at the regional level.

Supporting the regional teams: More than just financial backing

AXA has set itself the goal of supporting and promoting the future of women’s football in Switzerland. We do this not only by sponsoring professional clubs, but also by promoting regional teams. AXA’s General and Principal Agencies play a key role in this commitment as they actively promote women’s football in their communities. But AXA’s dedication to women’s football is not limited to financial support. Here are three staff members from AXA’s General and Principal Agencies who explain what they do for women’s football.

Tauland Ahmetaj, General Agency – Pensions & Assets in Zurich Nord

“Women’s football holds an important place in both my personal life and my professional life as a General Agent. I have three daughters at home who are all avid members of our local club and share my love of the sport. In my role as a General Agent, I have the opportunity to actively sponsor women’s football, and I work very hard to provide the best possible support.”

Tauland Ahmetaj has been the driving force behind the  General Agency Zurich Nord for over ten years. By working directly with the teams, he strives to support the local clubs and motivate the players to follow their dreams of excelling as an athlete.

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Roman Bonvicini, Principal Agency Rüti

“Watching women’s football grow and thrive gives me great personal joy, and I hope that in the future these women will be able to support themselves financially as pro players. That is why, for me, it was clear from the start that I wanted to help out the women on the FC Rüti ZH team.

Roman Bonvicini grew up playing football and as a junior played against rival FC Rüti in countless derbies. After supporting the first team in FC Rapperswil-Jona for years, it became clear that the next step for him was to support and promote women’s football in Rüti, in the canton of Zurich.

Ivan Martines, Principal Agency Herzogenbuchsee

“Football is extremely popular in Herzogenbuchsee. And for good reason: For the first time ever all three teams – the men’s first and second teams and the women’s team – managed to rise up in their leagues. I’m so happy not only for the teams’ success, but also about the positive response from the community.”

For years, Ivan Martines has been passionate about promoting women’s football at the Principal Agency Herzogenbuchsee . With his financial support of the local clubs and organizations, he has given not only the players of FC Herzogenbuchsee, but also other clubs, such as Hornussen clubs (a traditional Swiss sport) and tennis clubs, a solid foundation that helps them achieve their sporting goals.

AXA and women’s football: a highly promising future

AXA continues to support women’s football in Switzerland and plans to ramp up its campaign to promote women’s football in local communities. These efforts are a key step toward strengthening women’s football in Switzerland, at both the professional as well as the regional level. Through the support of General Agents such as Tauland Ahmetaj, Roman Bonvicini and Ivan Martines, AXA aims to ensure that women’s football in Switzerland will continue to flourish in the future.

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