Transportation insurance

Not every transportation route offers the same level of security, not every item in transit is equally sensitive to damage. That's why AXA offers tailored transportation insurance solutions that protect your goods optimally, from departure to arrival at the end-destination. Be on the safe side and don’t just rely on the limited liability of forwarding agents and carriers.

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Advantages of AXA's transportation insurance

  • Individual risk analysis
  • Complete protection
  • 24-hour global service

The right insurance from A to B

Thanks to an individual risk analysis, you receive a clearly budgeted solution for your goods. In the event of a claim, you know the amount of compensation due. If you yourself store or transport goods, you will receive protection from AXA that is specific to your sector.

Transportation insurance


  • Loss and damage (breakage, rust/oxidation, fire, events caused by natural forces) of transported goods 
  • Theft, misappropriation, robbery 
  • Dropping while being loaded, reloaded, unloaded 
  • Accidents involving the means of transportation 
  • Worldwide coverage 

Supplementary insurance:

  • Business interruption insurance for transportation 
  • Contractual penalties insurance for transportation 


  • Optimally tailored to the needs of small and medium-size enterprises 
  • Lump sum insurance 
  • Assumption of difficult negotiations by AXA in case of loss and recourse 
  • Global network with representatives in many countries 
  • 10% combination discount on taking out transportation and liability insurance for your company 
  • Costs of loss prevention or minimization 
  • Costs of recovery and destruction of damaged goods 

Liability insurance for carriers and forwarding agents

As forwarding agent, carrier or warehouse operator, you are responsible for the safe and timely transportation of the goods assigned to you and are liable in the event of a claim. The freight forwarders liability insurance tailored to your sector offers you reliable protection against costs and unsubstantiated claims.

The insurance also covers:

  • Your liability as carrier or forwarding agent towards your customers in accordance with the law or contract
  • Indemnification against substantiated claims and defense against unsubstantiated claims
  • Claims due to failure to meet delivery deadlines 
  • Claims for ancillary services (e.g. customs clearance, weighing) 
  • Costs of loss prevention or minimization 
  • Costs of recovery and destruction of damaged goods 


  • Fast and straightforward claims settlement 
  • International legal certainty 
  • Global network of specialists and average adjusters 
  • Advice on loss prevention

Experts in transportation damage

If loss/damage occurs during transportation, several parties and forwarding steps are usually affected. Assessment of the damage by an independent expert leads to clarity.

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