Credit insurance

Every third bankruptcy is due to the domino effect. The bankruptcy of one of your customers can have serious consequences for you too. Credit insurance from AXA offers you reliable reinsurance – from the credit check for new customers to the payment of their outstanding invoices.

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Advantages of AXA's credit insurance

  • Starting from annual sales of 1 million
  • Including collection
  • Credit alerts

Debtor risks under control

Every credit insurance contract is a solution tailored to your specific company. AXA insures your business both in Switzerland and abroad.

Credit insurance

Credit insurance utilizes the classical approach of risk management. AXA accompanies you from the first check of a new customer to compensation for non-payment.

Benefits and features of your choice:

  • Coverage of your unpaid invoices with or without a guaranteed compensation date
  • Focus on business activity in Switzerland or on exports
  • Start of insurance from delivery or on manufacture (special production)
  • Currency of policy and credit limits (choice of CHF, USD, EUR)
  • Sector- and company-dependent payment and reminder periods
  • Excess per case or fixed annually, level of deductible (10 – 25%)
  • Qualifying period (minimum 6 months)
  • Collection
  • Inclusion of domestic or foreign subsidiaries

Your advantages:

  • Credit check of new customers
  • Credit monitoring and alerts for your customer base
  • No collection / debt collection effort
  • Representation of your interests by AXA until close of proceedings
  • Coverage of outstanding invoices
  • Cheaper business credit for planned investments
  • Secured liquidity
  • Can be calculated and financed: The premium is in the region of a single-digit thousandth of your sales.

Would you like to manage credit limits easily and conveniently via the internet?

It's this easy: You can use the online portal easyLimit to set and change your credit limits over the internet conveniently and quickly. This service is free of charge for customers who have a credit insurance policy with AXA.

Do you still not have a login? Order your access rights here.

The online portal easyLimit meets the latest security standards thanks to a three-step identification process.

Accounts receivable insurance

One unpaid invoice is perhaps manageable, but if non-payments are an increasingly regular occurrence, this can have disastrous financial consequences. Accounts receivable insurance protects you against these.

Benefits and features

You are insured against unpaid invoices from your customers.

Reasons for inability to pay

  • Bankruptcy proceedings begin
  • Beginning and/or conclusion of composition proceedings
  • Loss certificate as a result of ineffective seizure
  • Non-payment by debtor even 60 days after end of payment term

Also valid for debtors in Germany, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein

Actual benefits

  • 80% compensation of the insured receivable
  • Guaranteed compensation date; three months after you file a claim

How you benefit

  • Protection against financial losses
  • More security through credit check
  • Full debt collection by AXA
  • Protection of liquidity and balance sheet

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