Support for your employees who are sick or have been involved in an accident

When absences occur, it pays off to take action during the waiting period. In many cases, this can help employees to return quickly to the workplace. Care Management is available free to our corporate customers with group personal insurance.

  • Situation assessment and intervention
  • Establishing the plausibility of incapacity for work
  • Info on labor law

The time factor: A decisive role in reintegration

As more time passes, the chances of a successful return to the workplace decrease sharply. And costs go on increasing at the same rate. When should you take action?

A case for Care Management?

If you notice any of these unusual situations, you should call in our Care Management:

  • Absences related to terminations and conflicts
  • Growing evidence of lasting incapacity for work
  • A past history of repeated short absences
  • Unjustified and/or unexplained absences from the workplace
  • Uneasy feelings among direct superiors

Our services

AXA's Care Management offers support from trained specialists on these aspects:

  • Reintegration into the workforce
  • Coordination
  • Absenteeism
  • Combating misuse
  • Medical plausibility checks
  • Info on labor law

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