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Our pension product Professional Invest

Custom-tailored pension solution
Attractive interest rate for your employees
Pension fund solution from Switzerland's largest semi-autonomous collective foundation
Key points at a glance
  • The pension solution for everyone: Professional Invest is AXA’s semi-autonomous pension solution for all firms – from start-ups to world renown major companies.
  • High-performance and tailored: Thanks to its high level of flexibility, Professional Invest allows for high-performance pension solutions, precisely tailored to companies.
  • Secure return opportunities: With a risk-aware and diversified investment strategy, Professional Invest balances market volatility and thus allows for sustainable return opportunities.

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Interest rate on retirement assets

  • Average interest rate 2019 to 2023
    Mandatory benefits: 2.05 % | Extra-mandatory benefits: 2.95 %
  • Interest rate 2023
    Mandatory benefits: 1.0 | Extra-mandatory benefits: 1.0 %

What is Professional Invest?

Professional Invest is the semi-autonomous pension solution from the AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits. Thanks to its enormous flexibility, it can offer custom-tailored, high-performance pension solutions for companies from startups to world-ranking corporations. 

A solid coverage ratio, a very low proportion of retirees by market standards, and market-oriented conversion rates give Professional Invest a unique structural and financial base.

In addition, Professional Invest smooths market volatility with its risk-aware and diversified investment strategy, offering insureds opportunities to obtain sustainable returns.

Professional Invest offers advantages for you and your employees

Professional Invest benefits both you and your employees: It gives your company a pension solution tailored to your needs – with a unique base. Your employees benefit from high retirement pensions and many additional benefits. Here is an overview of the advantages of Professional Invest:

Your advantages as a company

  • Custom-tailored pension solutions: Design your pension plan to meet the needs of your company and your employees. The desire for customized pension solutions rises as employees earn more. For example, you could introduce pension plans for managerial staff to provide cover salary amounts that exceed the maximum level of BVG contributions.
  • A unique starting point: The foundation's pension obligations have been low since it became semi-autonomous at the start of 2019. Consequently, insureds benefit from the far lower redistribution of assets towards retirees, resulting in a higher return on their pension assets. 
  • Attractive interest rates: The semi-autonomous status of the AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits allows greater freedom in defining the investment strategy, which creates opportunities for higher returns and thus higher interest on pension assets for you and your employees, while keeping the overall costs low.
  • Best-in-class approach: Our best-in-class approach means that we manage and invest your pension assets independently with no conflicts of interest. We always select the best asset managers and investment style for each asset class.
  • Less administration: Online administration of BVG contracts means that you always have direct access to forms. You can also view data on contracts and insureds and submit amended data conveniently with just a few mouse clicks. 
  • Local contact partner: Our advisors are available to you and your employees throughout Switzerland. 
  • Healthy and motivated employees: The attractive fringe benefits offered by Swibeco and AXA's health services make you an even more attractive employer for both present and potential employees.

Advantages for your employees

  • Attractive interest rates: The semi-autonomous status of the collective occupational benefits foundation allows greater freedom in defining the investment strategy, which greatly increases the prospects of attractive returns and higher pension benefits.
  • Complete freedom to choose how benefits are paid: Beneficiaries determine when they retire – at the standard retirement age, early retirement, deferred or phased retirement – and choose whether to receive benefits as regular pension payments, a lump sum or a mixture of the two.
  • Attractive fringe benefits:  Swibeco  offers your employees rewards programs, gifts and tax-free fringe benefits.
  • Transparency and reliable planning: In the pensions portal at  myAXA.ch , your employees can view their contracts at any time, plan their retirement and simulate various future scenarios.

Investment strategy

The strengths of AXA’s asset management operations are global experience, local expertise, and its risk-conscious investment philosophy.

Core elements of the investment strategy

  • Many years of experience and unique market access: AXA Asset Management has been successfully providing asset management services in Switzerland for over 140 years. With assets valued at around CHF 1,100 billion, AXA Group is one of the world’s leading asset managers. Its size, coupled with its expertise, ensures unique access to attractive asset classes. 
  • Focus on insureds: The management of the assets focuses exclusively on the interests of beneficiaries, in other words, the insured persons. For example, all investment income is channeled to the collective foundation. That permits a far higher return on pension assets.
  • Independence through a best-in-class approach: The foundation's best-in-class approach means that pension assets are managed independently with no conflicts of interest. 
  • Sustainable investments: We firmly believe that responsible, sustainable use of all resources adds value over the long term. Investment activities are therefore based on clearly defined ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria. AXA Asset Management chooses not to invest in the tobacco industry, in manufacturers and traders of controversial weapons or in palm oil producers. 
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