40% part-time – 100% family

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“Despite a small workload, I have a responsible job.”

It’s summer and at AXA, it’s time for the annual kids’ vacation week. Mirjam Lavater is standing in the middle of the circus tent. She herself is the mother of two children and knows what it means to combine a job and family. She’s standing at the exit of the tent and is clapping with great joy and relief, because she helps organize the promotion week for the children of AXA employees; she’s taking part in the gala event both as an employee and a mother: “In my role as an employee in Business Support for the Health Management and Family Care area, I help with organizing the kids’ vacation week. As my own children are of school age, they can also take part in the event.” Although Mirjam only works 40%, she is present the whole time this week: “I’m always having to shuffle my working days or work additional days because I organize all kinds of events. But that suits me fine! Not least because I can compensate for the additional working days during the school holidays and spend more time with my children.” Despite working, there’s no doubt that for Mirjam: family comes first.

Portrait: Mirjam Lavater

40%, employee in Business Support, Health Management and Family Care specialist area 

Small workload AND challenging duties

A 40% workload enables Mirjam to be active in the world of work while having time for her family. But having a small workload doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have exciting duties: The Business Support employee adds: “My 40 percent is divided up in internal Health Care and Family Care. I have sole responsibility for various events, look after the internal website and can also contribute my ideas and feedback. My job is therefore extremely diverse!”

Mirjam’s idea: Farewell picture of kids’ vacation week

Good organization

To maintain an overview, Mirjam is very well organized - she has to be! Lastly, she sometimes helps organize 5 - 7 offers at the same time. A team colleague has duties in the same areas, so both of them can deputize for each other. After all, communication in the team is important, as is active thinking.

Mirjam Lavater is happy with her family and job model. And she is certain: There are also exciting part-time jobs: “It’s great that I can combine my job and family in this way at AXA!”

My model

I work 40 percent. I can also swap my working days if necessary (e.g. for an event). That’s because my children go to school every day. Then I also have to organize the lunch menu.

Special feature

I have a small workload, but still have very exciting and challenging duties.

The advantage for me

I can spend a great deal of time with my kids. But the small workload still enables me to keep a foothold in the world of work. I compensate additional working days during the school holidays.

The plus for AXA

My motivation! And my flexibility to work on other days too if I’m needed.

My Flexwork tip

You can also get actively involved, even if you work part-time, and find a job that you enjoy.

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