Sustainable mobility is worthwhile – and good for your pocket too

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AXA supports sustainable mobility and is enabling its customers to charge their electric cars at a standard price. Partnership with Swisscharge offers electric car drivers many other benefits in addition to the opportunity to charge their vehicles at a standard price.

The future belongs to electromobility, as figures from the Federal Statistical Office show: 110'751 electric vehicles were registered in Switzerland in 2022, rising to as many as 155'495 all-electric cars just one year later. And just like last year, electric cars were once again the most sold cars of 2023 in Switzerland. AXA is committed to supporting sustainable mobility and is offering policyholders who opt for an electric vehicle a range of advantageous conditions.

As of May, drivers will be able to charge their cars at charging points operated by Swisscharge, one of the largest Swiss providers, at a standard price, both in Switzerland and throughout Europe. One standard price each will apply for AC and for fast charging stations (DC), the charging stations of EV roaming providers are not included in the offer. AXA is currently co-funding the standard price and saving its customers CHF 0.10 per kilowatt hour when they charge their vehicles. If you would like to charge your car conveniently at home, Swisscharge is offering you a discount when you purchase a wallbox from its online shop. 

Charge your electric car anywhere

There's a lot to consider when switching to an electric vehicle. Many drivers worry about where to find charging points, as well as price differences between suppliers. Electric car owners unable to charge their vehicle at home or at work have to rely on public charging points. Charging a sustainable vehicle needs to be as easy and customer-friendly as possible. AXA is therefore working with Swisscharge to offer a standard charging price throughout Switzerland for the first time. In addition to the standard price, Swisscharge offers an app enabling drivers to find the nearest available charging point in real time. Charging points that are already being used or are out of order are bypassed. The costs are conveniently deducted from a registered credit card at the end of the month. It is also possible to pay with a physical charging card from Swisscharge or using SwissPass, however. 


Driving an e-car pays off

In Switzerland, around a third of all CO2 emissions are generated by road traffic. With an e-car, emissions of carbon dioxide, noise, and smells are a thing of the past. Switching to an electric vehicle doesn't just make sense from the environmental point of view – there are many other benefits, such as lower overall costs. They are considerably cheaper to maintain because they don't need a constant supply of lubricants, consumables, and wear parts that keep having to be replaced. What’s more, charging a vehicle with electricity is cheaper than filling up with petrol or diesel, especially when a home charging station is used. Another plus is that there is more and more choice available, as almost all the leading manufacturers are now focusing more strongly on electric or hybrid cars.

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