Burned out: protecting employees from burnout

Depressive exhaustion and other mental  illnesses occur more frequently than you might think. They affect one in every two people in Switzerland at some time in their lives. A stress situation is usually the trigger. Every year, stress at the workplace causes costs of CHF 6.5 billion. Stress prevention always pays off. We'll show you how it works.

What should you know about stress?

Just like other occupational safety risks, stress can be systematically prevented. The behavior of managers or employees may be responsible for causing it. The more your workforce knows about the phenomenon of stress, the less chances there are that it will occur. Stress damages the entire company. The economic damage caused by stress amounts to 6.5 billion Swiss francs per year.

Why is chronic stress so dangerous?

Short-lived stress situations harm no-one. But if stress is never-ending, the body's regulatory mechanism becomes paralyzed. This favors the onset of a series of physical and mental illnesses:

  • depressive exhaustion (burnout) / depression
  • dementia
  • high blood pressure
  • back pain

Stress as a cost factor

The major financial consequences of stress at the workplace are often underestimated. Stress triggers many negative effects for your company:

  • Loss of productivity due to staff absences (absenteeism)
  • Loss of productivity due to staff who are present but cannot perform (presenteeism)
  • Increased risk of accidents
  • High staff turnover
  • Additional expenses on staff recruitment
  • Lost turnover because dissatisfied customers go elsewhere

Our services

  • Health survey

    To take effective action against stress and its consequences in an organization, it's essential to know the main potentials for health promotion and the causes of stress and harmful strain. An online health survey collects this information anonymously, in compliance with data protection requirements.

  • Measure stress

    An analysis is conducted to identify the causes of stress and strains as well as the health promotion measures that offer the greatest potential.

    • Online health survey on individual behavior/individual attitude
    • Working conditions (stressors/resources) and individual demands
    • You will identify the impact on work performance and can plan measures
  • Management training

    Managers will realize that their behavior can directly influence psycho-social risks. They will be empowered to identify stressful situations affecting employees at an early stage so they can discuss the situation as necessary and offer possible support. This can permanently reduce the risk of mental stress over the long term.

  • Presentations and workshops

    Choose from a wide range of offers for continuing education in your company. Participants gain important knowledge about stress, burnout and resource management together with practical information and tips. Your workforce receives valuable information on maintaining and promoting health.

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