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Burnout prevention courses: How Pestalozzi House supports its employees

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The staff of the Pestalozzi House looks after children from difficult backgrounds. Their jobs are often stressful. The staff attend courses at AXA with the aim of preventing burnouts.

The Pestalozzi House Educational Center in Räterschen offers a home to children and young people experiencing difficulties at school or in society. Here they receive an education and school support that helps them find their rhythm. The aim is that the children can safely return to their former lives and families.

Pestalozzi House includes a boarding school where the children live in groups, a day school and a farm. At the day school, students are taught in small classes according to the standard Zurich curriculum. And the boarding school children follow a structured, regular daily routine and learn to do domestic work such as cooking and cleaning.

"The CHM seminar at AXA has given us the opportunity to reflect on how we can remain fit for work"

Susanne Gerber, Education Director Pestalozzi House

Burnout seminar helps employees to stay healthy

Working with children with behavioral problems is emotionally stressful for the staff. A strict separation of job and leisure is often impossible as the staff can find it difficult to distance themselves from work when at home. Such stress harms the entire enterprise. That's why the staff attend a burnout prevention course at AXA. This seminar shows the employees simple and efficient ways to cope with stress. After all, this is the only way they can stay healthy and productive.

Service: "Corporate health management"

Productive, motivated and loyal employees are the most valuable asset of any company. On average, every day of employee absence costs a company CHF 600 to CHF 1000. Corporate Health Management (CHM) promoting the health and productivity of staff and reducing absences is therefore essential for a company. On average, every franc invested in CHM is returned three times. AXA supports its customers before (prevention), during (care/case management) and after (return to work) a loss event.

Three benefits of the AXA service "Corporate Health Management":

  • The absence rate is reduced by 36%
  • Gain of valuable expertise through workshops and specialist presentations
  • Effective absence management and professional case supervision by AXA's Care Management
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    Pestalozzi House, Räterschen

    The Pestalozzi House in Räterschen is a professional institution that looks after children and young people between the ages of 6 and 14 years. The offer consists of its own boarding school, a day school, various therapy options and time-out programs.

    More information about Pestalozzi House
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