Working as a Cloud Engineer at AXA

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Head in the clouds: For Gabriel Koch, everything revolves around clouds. In this interview, the 32-year-old talks about his day-to-day work and why he joined AXA (again).  

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    Gabriel Koch

    Cloud engineer Gabriel Koch manages the Cloud Center of Excellence for AXA Switzerland. Together with his team, he supports product teams at AXA in using the Swiss clouds Azure and Google.

Gabriel, after a small detour, you returned to AXA in 2022. Why?

For two years I worked primarily as a consultant, with brief assignments at various companies. I returned to AXA because here I can advance the technology of a large company and solve challenging problems. What I like most is that here I have the opportunity to shape developments over a longer period of time for the long term. For example, cloud platforms and the migrations to these platforms. We enjoy the necessary freedom to develop good ideas and implement them step by step. In this way, we get to use modern cloud technologies effectively.

“At AXA, I have the opportunity to shape developments over the long term.”

Gabriel Koch, Cloud Engineer at AXA

What makes your team different?

For me, the way we treat each other, our team spirit, is unique. Our self-organized, motivated, and effective group grew organically – we recruit new members together as a team. We are also constantly guided by the target that we are aiming for and are as careful as possible to avoid easy workarounds in the short term. We are connected by the goal to create even better solutions and to advance AXA in the area of cloud technology. To do this, we follow a long-term vision: To simplify the use of cloud platforms for the product teams. We want to allow them the greatest amount of flexibility and, at the same time, gear our services to the needs of the customers.

“The way we treat each other, our team spirit, is unique.”

Gabriel Koch, Cloud Engineer at AXA

How would you describe the company culture at AXA?

At AXA, we generally talk about problems in a very constructive manner. In my experience, for example, people can address unrealistic expectations or target conflicts head on and start discussion. This results in alternative solutions and you can really get to the bottom of the problems. For me, this isn’t a matter of course.

Why does AXA fit you and your personal goals?

I especially appreciate AXA’s openness to new ideas and new people. There is room for different personalities. As a creative type with vision, I have opportunities here to contribute accordingly. I feel that I am taken seriously and appreciated by colleagues and line managers alike. At the same time, I can work together with people with much different experience and strengths. That changes up and enriches my work day.

What do you need to work at AXA in “data technology & innovation”?

If you enjoy IT and data and want to develop software that adds value, then this is the place to be. You also need the will to take on responsibility and question the status quo. And you also need the courage to experiment and take new paths. Finally, you should be a constructive team player.


Cloud engineer: A cloud engineer is an extremely specialized IT expert who is responsible for all technical tasks relating to developing, operating, and maintaining cloud services. The cloud engineer’s area of responsibility includes creating and realizing cloud infrastructure, integrating it into existing systems and processes in accordance with high security requirements, and maintenance and service work. A cloud engineer's  main tasks are:  Setting up and maintaining cloud-based servers,  developing infrastructure,  establishing security measures,  testing systems, and  customer dialogue.

Cloud: An abbreviation of the term cloud computing.

Cloud computing: Describes a model – usually over the Internet and independent of a device – that, where required, provides  computer resources  in a timely manner and with little effort as a service, for example in the form of  servers,  data storage, or applications, and processes these by use. The offer and use of these computer resources is defined and usually provided via a  programming interface  (API) or for users via a website or app. 

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