Friday the 13th: are there really more accidents?

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Data from AXA Switzerland shows that there are no more accidents than usual on Friday the 13th - in fact, it's the opposite. This is because people take extra special care in road traffic on this day.

Tomorrow it'll be that time again, Friday the 13th. Superstitious people associate this day with misfortune, bad luck and even accidents. However, the facts show otherwise: On any Friday the 13th, there are absolutely no more accidents than normal - whether collisions, breakdowns or personal accidents - compared to other Fridays, sometimes there are even fewer. Data from AXA of the past ten years shows that on "normal" Fridays, there are on average 1349 traffic accidents, breakdowns or personal accidents recorded for accident insurance. On Fridays falling on the 13th of the month, the figure is only 1336 on average.

More accidents on Fridays and in summer

When it comes to road traffic in particular, the 13th of a month does not seem to be a problem, but the weekday does. The evening rush hour seems to be a particularly risky time. "During the evening rush hour on a Friday, many traffic users are on their way home or en route to a leisure activity", says Thomas Eichholzer, Accident Researcher at AXA Switzerland. "They're thinking about the weekend rather than the road and, unfortunately, an accident is more likely to occur." Serious accidents often occur on Saturday and Sunday evenings, frequently due to the effect of alcohol.

There are also more accidents in warm months. Claims data from AXA shows that there are around 12.5% more collisions of passenger cars in summer and fall compared to winter and spring. The difference is even greater when it comes to beloved RVs which have increased by a whopping 31% in AXA's insurance portfolio since 2015. This type of vehicle is involved in a huge 91% more collisions in summer and fall compared to spring and winter. For people coming back from vacation in particular, this means that they should take care in road traffic. AXA accident research has more information on the topic and supports you with tips for a safe journey home.

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