Do you have a creative idea or a bold plan for a project? We sponsor a range of cultural, sporting, business, and social endeavors. 

What kinds of sponsorship does AXA enter into?

In line with our marketing claim "Know You Can", we help talented young people, disabled and socially disadvantaged people as well as projects that take some courage to get up and running. We want to empower you to believe in yourself and your ideas, achieve your goals, and make your dreams come true. 

Here are some examples of what AXA Switzerland and its subsidiaries sponsor:

  • Local music and cultural events (as a donor or promoter of institutions and clubs)
  • Sports clubs, teams, and events
    We support soccer and ice hockey teams that play in the regional leagues (First League or lower).
  • Corporate responsibility projects
  • Events organized by selected partners (as a sponsor or donor)
  • eSports events (no violent games)

What do we not sponsor?

As a matter of principle, we don't sponsor the following:

  • International projects 
  • Nationwide projects (We do have selected nationwide sponsorship commitments that have been in place for many years, but we only enter into new commitments at the regional and local levels.)
  • Events with reach beyond a single region (e.g. TV, radio, social media or website advertising) 
  • High-risk sports that Suva (in German) categorizes as dangerous and/or have a significant environmental impact (BASE jumping, speedboat racing, boxing, ski speed record attempts, downhill biking, motocross, motorcycle racing, etc.)
  • Activities that are not compatible with AXA's values such as environmental awareness,  for example motor racing, classic car racing, rallying, etc.
  • Activities that may be discriminatory (e.g. in terms of religious, political, gender, linguistic or other views)
  • eSports involving violent games
  • Events and activities that involve another insurance company (excluding banks, health insurers, and pension funds) as a partner or co-sponsor

Sponsorship request

If you're interested in being sponsored by AXA Switzerland, please get in touch.

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