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Modern work models

Flexible work models are very important at AXA: for men and women as well as for young and experienced people. Modern and flexible work models are essential, not least due to demographic, social and technological change. We develop products for a diverse clientèle, so it is even more important for us to reflect this diversity within AXA too. Different work models are the basis for looking at products and problems from different perspectives. Because we want you to be motivated afresh every day, give your best and stay with us for a long time.

Flexwork – flexible work models

With Flexwork, we combine work models that offer flexibility in terms of time and/or location. Taking account of operational requirements and wherever possible, we give our employees flexibility at work. This requires dialogue and openness on both sides and means that new models are always being created. We believe that our employees reciprocate the flexibility we give them through their performance. An advantage for employees and AXA.

How much shall I work?

When and where shall I work?


Our Flexwork models

Part-time work

Part-time models are a pressing need today and we take account of this demand. For example, we advertise all jobs at a workload of 80–100 percent, and 24 percent of senior management already work with a reduced workload.

51 percent of women and 20 percent of men work part-time at AXA.

Part-time work

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    Bettina’s work model

    Bettina’s experience shows that people can have children and also an important role at work.

    Find out more about Bettina’s work model in our “Enthusiasm for experiments” blog


Jobsharing and topsharing

AXA will support you if you want to share your job with someone else. 

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    Job sharing

    Applying for a job together? Why not. That’s possible at AXA.

    Find out more about Christina’s and Céline’s work models in our “Dream team in jobsharing” blog


Senior Flex

Would you like to spend more time on your hobbies or with your grandchildren before you retire? After age 58, you can reduce your work load by up to 20 percent while maintaining your insured salary in the pension fund.


Flex Time and Flex Unique

Taking account of operational requirements, you can structure your own working hours on an individual basis and therefore coordinate with your personal needs. Whether you work full-time or part-time. Flex Unique comprises individual flexible models tailored to your needs.

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    Patricia’s flexible work arrangement

    Full-time job in the sales force as a single mother? “Yes, that works”, says Patricia.

    Find out more about Patricia's work model in our “Be as flexible as you need to be” blog
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    Michele’s Flexwork model

    Thanks to Flexwork, Michele can work efficiently on the train, at home and of course in the office.

    FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MICHELE'S WORK MODEL IN our “The combination makes all the difference” blog


Home office

AXA allows you to work from home. This is easily possible with us thanks to a laptop and an internet connection.

Around 18 percent of our employees regularly work from home to coordinate with their professional and private needs.

Home office

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    Henoch’s Flextime model

    Henoch works as a business information specialist at AXA. In his vacation, he travels to Ethiopia once or twice a year to help out in a children’s home.

    Find out more about Henoch’s Flextime model in our “Winterthur to Addis Ababa and back” blog (in german)


Co-working offices

Is there construction work going on outside your house or are you not alone at home? AXA finances co-working spaces where you can work, network and develop new ideas. 

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    Barbara’s co-working model

    Co-working is a popular trend. We have been letting our employees use a third workplace for a long time, and this is greatly appreciated.

    FIND OUT MORE ABOUT Barbara’s work model in our “Inspiration in the third place” blog (in german)

What career models are there?

Part-time career

You can work part-time with us and still have a career. It’s possible to have a position in senior management with a workload starting at 50 percent.

24 percent of our employees in senior management work part-time.

part-time career

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    Mirjam’s part-time career

    Despite a small workload, Mirjam has a responsible job.

    Find out more about Mirjam’s career model in our “40% part-time – 100% family” blog


Internal job change and job rotation

You never stand still at AXA. We give you the opportunity to continually develop your career internally and uncover your potential in various departments.

Flexible retirement

More and more of our experienced employees would like to take gradual retirement. At AXA, there are various flexible retirement models available, from gradually reducing your workload to part-retirement.

32 percent of all employees from age 50 work part-time at AXA and around 18 percent of employees from age 50 work in a senior management position. Our teams comprise various ages, and team leaders may be younger or older than their employees

Employees from age 50

Modern work methods

As an insurance company, we are in a rapidly changing environment. To enable us to react quickly to the associated changes and still be able to cater more rapidly and effectively to our clients’ requirements, modern work methods are essential.

Agile working 

We see agility as not just a work method, but also a way of thinking and leading. This agile mindset means being able to adapt quickly and flexibly to new circumstances and situations. This requires a healthy culture of trust where hierarchical thinking is less important and networks are more important. As well as classic teams, we also have agile teams at AXA which, depending on the range of tasks, work using the Scrum or Kanban method. We also use customer-centric agile methods such as design thinking. The agile mindset is already firmly embedded with us. It is relevant for nearly all employees in their daily work.

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    Agile Coach Dominic

    “Everyone talks about agility, but few people know what it means,” says Dominic.

    Find out more about Dominic's agile work model in our «My office fits in a laptop bag» blog



Personal experience is combined with projects: At AXA, that’s a perfect Flexwork match. Matchworkers are full-time AXA employees who work on strategic projects for a fixed period.

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