Sustainable investment

Find out more about how we invest our assets, your premiums and pension assets on a sustainable basis and how, in doing so, we reconcile economic, environmental and social objectives.

We invest sustainably in order to ...

  • have an impact as one of the largest asset managers
  • minimize risks and secure returns
  • pave the way for progress and a world worth living in

To us sustainability is key

AXA manages assets totaling around CHF 1,100 billion worldwide. This makes us one of the biggest asset managers and one of the world’s most influential investors. With an investment volume of more than EUR 100 bn, AXA is also Europe’s biggest real estate investor and the fifth biggest worldwide. In conjunction with our large investment volume, our sustainable investment strategy enables us to have a major impact on the environment and society. 

We feel strongly that climate change and loss of biodiversity are two of the greatest challenges facing humanity. We therefore see promoting sustainability and responsible business practices as our top priority. AXA became the first major insurance company to announce that it was pulling out of investments in the coal industry. We also consistently champion the Paris Climate Agreement’s objective of limiting global warming to less than 1.5°C by the end of this century. 

AXA’s purpose as a company is to enable progress by protecting what really matters. 

To ensure the economic and social well-being of humanity and the environmental stability of the planet, sustainability criteria must play a key part in all investment decisions. Sustainable investments are a core component of AXA Asset Management’s offering for both premiums and customer assets. We incorporate factors relating to the environment, social responsibility and good corporate governance (ESG: Environment, Social, Governance) into all investment decisions and refrain from investments that conflict with our ESG approach. We apply our ESG approach professionally for our customers and choose only those investment managers who commit to investing responsibly within their funds as well. We firmly believe that sustainability pays off in the long term. 

Here’s how we are actively involved in promoting sustainable investments

AXA is keen to invest the funds entrusted to it in a way that takes future generations into account. To institutionalize this within our company, the AXA Group Responsible Investment Policy was established. This policy contains guidelines for us as an asset manager on the basis of which we can invest sustainably (socially and environmentally). AXA’s sustainable investment strategy is built on solid foundations: 

On the pages linked above, we are pleased to offer you extensive information on our efforts to promote greater sustainability and our commitment to sustainable investments.

“We firmly believe that sustainable use of all resources adds value over the long term. As an insurance company, we're also directly affected by climate events. We have therefore been taking a pioneering lead for years and are keen to encourage and support other companies on the path to a more sustainable future.”

Daniel Gussmann, Chief Investments Officer of AXA Switzerland

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