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For you as an employee: Find out here what advantages a pension fund with AXA offers for you.

How you benefit

Do you have your pension fund with AXA? If you do, we offer you a range of services to help you keep an overview of your occupational benefits situation. 

  • Overview in pensions portal
  • Extensive information on the topic
  • Understanding your pension fund certificate

Pensions portal on myAXA

If you have an AXA pension fund, you can benefit from the pensions portal on the myAXA customer portal. This online portal enables you to plan your pension and even calculate possible future scenarios.  

Reasons why you should use the pensions portal on myAXA: 

  • Clarity:  You can view all the information on your pension fund   at any time – with simple and clear explanations.
  • Better planning for the future:  myAXA allows you to calculate how you can optimize your tax position by withdrawing assets early or making voluntary contributions. 
  • Option of buying additional benefits: Thanks to myAXA it is possible to identify and close pension gaps.

Your pension fund: What you need to know

Purchase of pension fund benefits

Salary rises, joining a pension fund after age 25, divorce, or time off to care for children – all of these situations can result in a gap in your pension savings. You can close a pension gap and improve your coverage by purchasing additional benefits. 

Admission to / leaving the fund

Whether it's your first job or a new job: When you become an employee, your employer must insure you in a pension fund starting from a specific annual salary. Every time you change your employer, you also move to a new pension fund.  

Unpaid leave

Thinking about a world trip or a sabbatical? In such cases, it is important to consider the implications for your occupational pension provision before taking time out. 


Is your retirement still in the distant future? Then this is the right place for you too. Because the earlier you start to think about your retirement, the better. 

Home ownership

Financing is the first and last hurdle that needs to be overcome when acquiring residential property. If the available funds are insufficient, an advance withdrawal or pledge of Pillar 2 assets may well be an alternative worth considering. Provided the consequences are manageable, this can open up a range of options.

Here you can find useful information on the pension fund and how to view your contract.

Use Swibeco

If your Pillar 2 assets are invested with the AXA LPP Foundation Suisse Romande, your employer can use Swibeco. Swibeco is an  online platform that provides fringe benefits. It offers you a range of advantages. Watch the video to find out more. 

Your pension fund certificate

How high are your pension assets? Are there gaps in your pension coverage? What disability and death benefits does your insurance cover? Your pension fund certificate answers these and other questions. However, it is not always easy to read. We offer a simple guide to this complicated document. 

Find out more about your pension fund certificate

More money in old age with Pillar 3a or 3b

It is becoming less and less likely that benefits under the  AHV (OASI) / IV (InvIA) and  BVG/LPP (OPA) schemes will be enough for you to continue your accustomed standard of living after retirement. You can take advantage of the many pension coverage options presented by the  voluntary Pillars 3a/3b  to avoid gaps in your retirement income and also to cover yourself and your partner against the risks of disability or in the event of death.  

Find out more about private pension provision

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