About the foundation Occupational benefits

Investment and management of pension assets by AXA
All returns on investments flow back to the collective foundation
Every company is considered to be a separate occupational benefits fund

With our occupational benefits insurance in the Principality of Liechtenstein, we offer pension solutions with a high level of security and an attractive price-performance ratio. And you determine the level and scope of the benefits yourself.

Interest rate on retirement assets

  • Average interest rate 2019 to 2022:
    Total interest 2.68% 
  • Interest rate 2022:
    Total interest 0.7% (resulting from 0.5% base rate plus 0.2% risk surplus)

Our services

Self-determination and flexibility

With these pension solutions, you are, to a large extent, flexible in the design as well as in the financing of the pension plan - while enjoying a high level of security. You yourself determine the scope of the benefits and are on the safe side with AXA.

Our benefits:

  • Flexible pension design according to individual needs
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Investment and management of the pension assets by AXA Life Ltd. 
  • Handling of the administration
  • Every company is considered to be a separate occupational benefits fund
  • Full coverage of the risks of disability and death by AXA Life Ltd.

About the foundation

The AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits, Principality of Liechtenstein, domiciled in Vaduz, was founded on May 7, 1982. The Foundation was established in order to provide occupational retirement, survivors' and disability benefits. It protects the employees and employers of affiliated companies against the economic consequences of loss of earnings that may result from old age, disability or death. It provides benefits in accordance with the provisions that apply to mandatory occupational benefits and also offers pension plans that exceed the minimum statutory requirements, as well as voluntary occupational benefits. 

Management of investments

  • The Board of Trustees defines the investment strategy; the collective foundation with its affiliated pension funds bears the investment risk.
  • The assets are invested by AXA Asset Management.

Protection of risk benefits

  • Benefits due if an insured person becomes disabled or dies before retirement age are reinsured with AXA Life Ltd.
  • The Foundation pays the retirement benefits and the associated surviving dependants' pensions in the event of an insured person's death after retirement age.

Administration and management

  • AXA Life Ltd.

Key figures

Capital markets, and equity markets especially, are regularly subject to fluctuations. Experience has shown that – precisely in such turbulent times – it is best to keep a calm head and avoid hasty reactions. It is much more important to keep a clear view of the long-term investment strategy, ensuring a balance between the Foundation’s pension liabilities and investments at all times. 

In the semi-autonomous pension model, a certain temporary underfunding is possible without there being any need to take immediate remedial action. This offers considerably more flexibility for dealing with fluctuations in the capital market. It is only when the underfunding is relevant and protracted that restructuring measures have to be considered. 

Underfunding as defined in Art. 35 BPVV is deemed to apply when the coverage rate determined is below 100% as at the respective reference date. Where underfunding is minimal, it can be assumed that – with a sound investment strategy well matched to the occupational benefits institution’s capacity for risk when it was put in place – a coverage rate of over 100% will be restored over the medium term.

We are keeping a close eye on the situation and supporting the Board of Trustees in its key decision-making processes.

Key figures AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits

Performance AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits is composed of the following members:

  • Dennis Waech (Chair)

    Dennis Waech (Chair)

    AXA Insurance Ltd., Winterthur

  • Bernd Wurster

    Bernd Wurster

    Hilcona AG, Schaan FL

  • Rolf Brazerol

    Rolf Brazerol

    AXA Insurance Ltd., Winterthur

  • Dr. Rolf Steiner

    Dr. Rolf Steiner

    VP Bank, Vaduz FL

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