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Key points at a glance
  • Flexible pension benefits: whether a basic, management or comprehensive solution, we offer tailored solutions for you and your employees. 
  • Solid earnings opportunities: with a risk-aware and diversified investment strategy, the Foundation takes account of market fluctuations to help it generate a reasonable return.
  • Fair conversion rates: our conversion rates help pave the way for a secure financial base in retirement.

What we offer

Our pension solution enables you to flexibly structure your pension plan and its financing to suit your needs. At the same time, the Foundation offers a high level of security. Get advice directly from our competence center in Schaan.

We focus on how you benefit

  • Tailored pension solutions: structure your benefits plan flexibly to suit your needs. Choose between the basic solution with or without the management plan, executive board plan or supplementary benefits.
  • Full risk cover: the risks of disability and death are fully covered by AXA Life Ltd. This means that your employees are ideally provided for in any life situation. 
  • Foundation's stable structure: we guarantee a stable structure for the Foundation with low pension obligations and modest redistribution between working persons and retirees.
  • Transparent use of generated earnings: thanks to our interest rate model, your employees have a clear overview of how the generated earnings are applied with attractive long-term interest rates.
  • Simple and efficient online contract administration: you manage all your contracts centrally within our customer portal. Queries can be handled and data and mutations carried out round the clock directly and very easily with one click. 
  • Attractive AXA health services: you and your employees all benefit from our health services which help improve motivation and satisfaction, thereby promoting a strong and healthy team.

Advantages and services for your employees

  • Complete freedom to choose how benefits are paid: your employees determine when they retire – at the standard retirement age, early retirement, deferred or phased retirement – and can choose whether to receive benefits as regular pension payments, a lump sum, or a mixture of the two.
  • Pensions portal: the user-friendly myAXA pensions portal is available for your employees to use. They have round-the-clock access to important information, such as pension fund certificates, and can view their contracts, plan their retirement and calculate different future scenarios.
  • Pension fund certificate in a nutshelluseful information on pension fund certificates, including a downloadable guide
  • Competence center in Schaan: our dedicated experts are on hand locally to handle all pension queries. We kindly invite your employees to drop by for a personal consultation.

Interest on retirement assets

  • Average interest rate for the period 2019-2023 
    Total interest 2.3% 
  • Interest in 2023
    Total interest 1.0% (comprising: 0.5% intra-year base interest and 0.5% supplementary interest on the retirement assets as at 31.12.)

Investment process

Our investment process is carefully formulated to guarantee the long-term appreciation of your pension assets. In doing so, we rely on a sound strategy, many years of experience and responsible use of resources. Find out more about the key success factors of our investment process.

Long-term investment strategy: the Board of Trustees follows a long-term investment strategy that has been developed and is regularly reviewed in conjunction with a prestigious, external investment advisor (PPCmetrics AG).

Earnings and risk-optimized investment pool: the pension assets of all affiliated companies are invested and managed by the collective foundation and AXA Asset Management following a uniform investment strategy to maximize earnings and minimize risks.

Many years of experience and unique market access: with more than 140 years of successful asset management in Switzerland and assets under management of around CHF 1,100 billion, the AXA Group is one of the world's leading asset managers. This size and expertise enables the Group to gain unique access to attractive investment classes on favorable terms.

ESG criteria and sustainable investments: the Board of Trustees firmly believes that responsible, sustainable use of all resources adds value over the long term. Investment activities are therefore based on clearly defined ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria.

Independence through best-in-class approach: our best-in-class approach means that pension assets are managed independently with no conflicts of interest.

Interest: the collective foundation's Board of Trustees determines the interest on retirement assets based on the expected coverage ratio at year-end.

Key figures and performance

Key figures of AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits

Performance of AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits

We have put together a summary of the most important facts and figures regarding your occupational benefits coverage and you can find it here. Help on how to interpret the key figures is available in our blog.

About the Foundation

The AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits, Principality of Liechtenstein, domiciled in Vaduz, was founded on May 7, 1982. The Foundation was established in order to provide occupational retirement, survivors’, and disability benefits insurance. It protects the employees and employers of affiliated companies against the economic consequences of loss of earnings that may result from old age, disability, or death. It provides benefits in accordance with the provisions that apply to mandatory occupational benefits and also offers pension plans that exceed the minimum statutory requirements, as well as voluntary occupational benefits. 

Management of investments

  • The Board of Trustees defines the investment strategy; the collective foundation with its affiliated pension funds bears the investment risk.
  • The assets are invested by AXA Asset Management.

Protection of risk benefits

  • Benefits due if an insured person becomes disabled or dies before they reach the reference age (formerly: normal retirement age) are reinsured with AXA Life Ltd.
  • The Foundation pays the retirement benefits and the associated survivors pensions in the event of the insured person’s death after they have reached the reference age (formerly: normal retirement age).

Administration and management

  • AXA Life Ltd

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits is composed of the following members:

  • Dennis Waech

    Dennis Waech (President)

    AXA Life Ltd, Winterthur

  • Bernd Wurster

    Bernd Wurster

    Hilcona AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein

  • Dr. Rolf Steiner

    Dr. Rolf Steiner

    VP Bank, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

  • Felix Tromp

    Felix Tromp

    AXA Life Ltd, Winterthur

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