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Please note: If you are on a trip and urgently require our assistance, please call us at +41 58 218 11 00. We will be happy to help. Please have your booking information and bank details on hand for the online claims notification. The absence of these documents will lead to a delay in processing your claim.

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If you have booked a trip that you cannot take due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can report the claim to us 30 days prior to departure at the earliest. If departure is in more than 30 days, we kindly ask you to wait and report the claim at a later time.

Please note the following:

The recommendation issued by the Federal Council to forgo non-urgent travel abroad if possible has been in effect since October 28, 2020. On December 18, 2020, the Federal Council issued a general recommendation, and since this date the recommendation has also applied for domestic travel. If you booked your international travel before October 28, 2020, or your domestic travel before December 18, 2020, you are covered under the following condition. At the time of booking, there were no travel warnings issued by the FOPH/FDFA or entry restrictions for the destination country and there was also no clear indication that travel warnings or restrictions would be in place at the time of departure.

The following also applies as a travel restriction: Quarantine upon arrival or departure, lockdowns of individual destinations, and closures of restaurants, museums, or attractions/popular destinations.

If your trip does not start in the next 30 days, we do not currently accept cancellations. Please check 30 days before the start of your trip whether there is a travel warning from the DFA for your destination and only then report your claim online.

For the selected country  we currently do not cover travel cancellation costs. Please check with the tour operator, hotel, airline or booking portal to find out whether a free cancellation, refund, voucher or postponement of the trip is possible. 

The Federal Council issued a travel warning on March 13, 2020 and has recommended not to travel to other countries. Due to this reason there is no insurance coverage for bookings between 13.03.2020 and 14.06.2020. 

Cancellation costs

Please provide us with details of the cancellation costs. Please deduct any compensation you have received from third parties from the amount.

Example: The cancellation costs for the flight are CHF 500. You have received a voucher worth CHF 150 from the airline. The amount to enter here would then be CHF 350.

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The account must be held by a person who is listed in the insurance policy.

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Please note: The coronavirus has resulted in a very large number of travel-insurance-related claims, which is leading to longer processing times. We apologize for the inconvenience. You don't need to do anything more at this stage. We will contact you if we require anything else.

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