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Legal area

Real estate law

  • Legal cases relating to buildings or properties
  • Problems between tenants and landlords
  • Contracts for work and services
  • Property or neighbor law (e.g. condominium property, easements, etc.)
  • Expropriations

Labor law

  • Problems between employees and employers
  • Company law
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Permits in connection with employment relationships
  • Unemployment insurance

Liability and social insurance law

  • Legal cases related to personal injury
  • Liability law
  • Disability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Daily sickness benefits insurance
  • Occupational benefits insurance
  • Patient rights and assistance to victims

Criminal and traffic law

  • Legal cases with regard to vehicles, road traffic or criminal law
  • Criminal law (criminal defense)
  • Road traffic law (including fines/driver's license withdrawal)
  • Vehicle tax
  • Insurance law in connection with vehicles

General contract law

  • Contractual disputes (e.g. purchase agreement, contract for work and services, order, loan, lease, travel contract, etc.).
  • Law of persons, family law, and inheritance law
  • Assertion of non-contractual liability claims
  • Data protection
  • Tax law
  • Unfair competition
  • Intellectual property law
  • General inquiries



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Real estate law

  • Rental contract (incl. additional documents such as termination, notice of rent increase, etc.)
  • Contract for work and services
  • Purchase agreement
  • Extracts from the land register
  • Regulations of community of owners

Labor law

  • Employment contract and additional documents (e.g. warning, notice of termination, salary statement, etc.)
  • Ruling of unemployment insurance fund
  • Any correspondence

Liability and social insurance law

  • Decision or ruling of an authority or insurer
  • Medical reports or medical certificates
  • Insurance policy, general insurance provisions
  • For traffic accidents: accident statement; police report; details about those involved in the accident, liability insurance, the injured and their injuries

Criminal and traffic law

  • Penal order (incl. date of receipt)
  • Letter from department of motor vehicles
  • Correspondence with insurer
  • Accident statement & pictures of the damage
  • Details about insurance and list of damage

General contract law

  • Contract
  • Correspondence between the parties
  • Payment summons
  • Will, inheritance contract
  • Divorce decree
  • Privacy-violating entry
  • KESB records
  • Ruling of the tax authority

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