Specialist carpentry firm Bieri AG can count on rapid assistance when disaster strikes

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Many risks are foreseeable. For example, in the day-to-day operations of carpentry specialist Bieri AG. However, from time to time nature shows its force and unpredictability. Click here to find out how rapid assistance can make a difference in such circumstances.

The carpentry firm Bieri AG has been serving discerning customers since 1946. Despite ongoing innovation in the workplace, it endeavors to preserve traditions and hand them down from one generation to the next. For example, the company uses original wood rescued from Swiss buildings that have been demolished. That makes its work harder, but means it can produce furniture and interior fittings with their own unique character. Thanks to the high safety standards in the industry, Bieri has never had any serious work-related accidents. However, such standards are unable to prevent natural disasters.

Rapid assistance thanks to AXA’s Emergency Repair Service

In 2018, Michael Bieri and his team found themselves at the mercy of natural forces. Helplessly, they watched as a mudslide engulfed the company's yard. A tide of mud and branches buried several machines, rendering them unusable. "Thanks to AXA's quick response, we were able to replace the equipment immediately so we could continue producing without any loss of business," reports Michael Bieri, Managing Director of Bieri AG in Weissenburg.

"Thanks to AXA's rapid assistance, we were able to replace the equipment immediately so we could continue producing without any loss of business."

Michael Bieri, Managing Director of Bieri AG

Despite stringent safety precautions, damage cannot always be prevented – as the Bieri carpentry firm found out when Weissenburg was hit by a mudslide in 2018. AXA's Emergency Repair Service provides quick and extensive assistance in such situations. AXA took over the task of clearing up the damage and replacing the machinery – including making the related payments. Michael Bieri: "Direct assistance from AXA in this situation freed me up to concentrate on essentials, i.e. the carpentry side of the business."

SME service: Emergency Repairs

Some things are unforeseeable. For example, damage caused by natural disasters. To prevent a complete business stoppage as a result of damage to equipment, AXA has set up an Emergency Repair Service. Claims are processed quickly on site by experts who are able to maintain an overview of the situation and provide assistance where it is most needed. Thanks to our extensive network of service providers, damaged equipment can be replaced within a short time to prevent a loss of business.

Three benefits of the AXA Emergency Repair Service:

  • Protection against business interruption
  • Early payment after a loss event
  • Provider management for property insurance

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