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Benefits platform for your employees Swibeco

Easy digital administration of employee benefits
Long-term discounts on more than 150 top brands
Cheaper or included for AXA customers
Activate Swibeco through myAXA

Simply activate through myAXA

Helping you and your staff make the most of salaries: with Swibeco, you offer your staff tax-free fringe benefits and attractive staff discounts. This can help you attract and retain the best talent in the company for  longer.

How does Swibeco work?

Swibeco is the digital platform for staff benefits in Switzerland. AXA's partner firm enables you to offer your employees tax-free fringe benefits and attractive discounts on more than 150 top brands. From Coop to IKEA and Digitec-Galaxus. From discounted weekly shopping to discounts on home electronics and attractive savings at the gas pump.

With Swibeco, each and every one of your employees will find what they're looking for, and they'll be reminded at regular intervals that he or she benefits with you as employer. 

Tax-free fringe benefits for your employees

Swibeco’s benefits program is clear and can be personalized. You decide which offers you’d like to give your staff: 

  • Permanent staff discounts: you and your employees benefit from preferential conditions in a network of more than 150 top Swiss cooperation partners. Swibeco negotiates the terms for you. ​ 
  • Swipoints points system: whether for birthdays, service anniversaries, Christmas or company milestones, reward your employees with Swibeco points. Your team can use them on this platform to spend as they wish, easily and tax-free for both parties. ​ 
  • Additional Lunch Card module: with the Swibeco Lunch Card, you also help with your employees' meal costs. Your team can use it to spend in more than 35,000 restaurants and food stores in Switzerland - and as an employer, you can subsidize it by up to CHF 180 per month without this being taxed as income.

What advantages does Swibeco offer my company?

  • Added value for your team: you increase your employees' salary with Swibeco's tax-free fringe benefits. This boosts buying power, increases staff motivation and loyalty and strengthens your reputation as an attractive employer.
  • Simple, centralized management of all staff benefits: Swibeco doesn't have to be installed as an online platform , as it can be easily activated and managed through myAXA. Swibeco handles the integration of existing  partner relationships, data protection matters, processing of payments and customer service for you. ​  
  • No or lower costs thanks to AXA:  companies with an AXA insurance policy either receive Swibeco as an included component to their insurance or pension solution or benefit from a discount on usage and license fees.  
Transparent and customizable: that's Swibeco

Transparent and customizable: that's Swibeco

How can my company use Swibeco?

As an AXA corporate customer, you either have Swibeco as a fixed component of your insurance package or you benefit from special conditions on the benefits platform.

  • All AXA corporate customers: you receive a 25% discount on Swibeco annual usage and license fees. Depending on the size of the company, these range from CHF 49 to CHF 109 per active user per year. The Lunch Card is available as an additional module at CHF 5 per card per month. 
  • With AXA daily sickness benefits insurance: use of the platform is included for the first 200 employees. Only from the 201st employee onwards are usage fees of CHF 60 per year incurred (excluding VAT).
  • With an occupational benefits solution from AXA: use of the platform is included for all active and retired employees. There are no charges. 

How to activate your Swibeco access

Swibeco is activated and managed through myAXA, which is AXA's customer portal: 

  1. Log into myAXA as administrator or request your myAXA access here
  2. Once logged into myAXA, open the “Swibeco - Use Employee Benefits" tile and accept the privacy policy declaration
  3. Your account was automatically created: add all employees who are to have access to Swibeco  
  4. On request: personalize your company account with your logo and suitable color samples
  5. Set your required start date: your employees will automatically receive an invitation with their Swibeco access on this specified date and can make full use of the platform

Do you have any questions about Swibeco or registration? We would be glad to help. Telephone us on  +41 41 360 43 43

Support and frequently asked questions

  • What are fringe benefits?

    Fringe benefits are benefits that your staff receive in addition to their salary. For instance, these may be staff discounts on your own products, meal allowances, vacation days, private shared use of a car or participation in Pillar 2. 

  • What special offers can my employees find on the platform?

    Swibeco features discounts from more than 150 partners from all over Switzerland, ranging from electronics and nutrition to sport, travel and books. Providers include Coop, Manor and Zalando. 

  • For which companies is Swibeco included?

    Swibeco is an integral part of daily sickness benefits insurance (DSBI) or occupational benefits solutions (OPA) at AXA:

    With an occupational benefits solution from AXA: Included for all active and retired employees

    Use of the Swibeco platform is included if you have taken out a contract for occupational pension provision (pension fund) with an AXA collective foundation (AXA Foundation for Occupational Benefits, AXA LPP Foundation Suisse Romande, AXA Occupational Benefits Foundation, Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest, Columna Collective Foundation Client Invest, AXA Foundation of Supplementary Benefits). Another requirement is that you use myAXA to access and administer Swibeco. 

    From November 2021, employees who are not required to join a pension scheme (such as trainees, part-time or retired employees) will also be able to benefit from Swibeco. You can easily register them on myAXA for that purpose. 

    With AXA daily sickness benefits insurance: Included for the first 200 employees

    With daily sickness benefits insurance (DSBI) from AXA, use of the Swibeco platform is included for the first 200 employees.  Only from the 201st activated employee onwards are usage costs of CHF 60  incurred per user per year (excluding VAT).

  • I have my OPA and/or daily sickness benefits insurance with AXA. How do I get access to Swibeco?
    1. Register as a company with myAXA.  
    2. Click on the "Swibeco - make use of employees benefits" tile  
    3. Your account will be automatically assigned after you have accepted the data protection declaration
    4. Register or add any employee who is to have access to Swibeco
    5. Personalize your company’s appearance with your own logo and matching color samples.
    6. Your employees will automatically receive an invitation.  On the specified date, your employees will receive an automatic invitation with their Swibeco access and can make full use of the platform.

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