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Online banking is par for the course these days, and it’s increasingly common to take out insurance policies online. AXA-ARAG is moving with the times: its MyRight product makes for simple and flexible online insurance. Alfred Widmer, CEO of AXA-ARAG, explains the advantages of the new product. 

Why do I need advice on legal protection insurance?

Alfred Widmer: Imagine your landlord gives notice on your apartment without being entitled to do so, an online shop is making problems for you, or your neighbor has reported you to the police for disturbing the peace. Anyone can find themselves facing a legal dispute – often quite out of the blue. Assuming you're not a lawyer yourself, you will have one of two options: Either you can have recourse to legal protection insurance or you can look for a lawyer on your own. However, a lawyer's fee for one hour costs about the same as legal protection insurance for a whole year. 

What makes pure online insurance so attractive?

AW: Our customers are increasingly computer-savvy and are used to fast and simple services like Netflix, Amazon or Spotify. Our customers expect the same things from their insurance: ready availability, simplicity and flexibility are more and more important. Who these days still goes to the bank to make a transfer? Customers want to be able to take out insurance from the sofa, or from their cell phone while they’re on the move, and they no longer want to have to stick with the same insurer for years on end. By offering our lean MyRight product, we should meet precisely these customer requirements. 


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    Online legal protection from MyRight

    Simple, straightforward and flexible: You can take out a MyRight policy online with just a few clicks. Its modular structure means you can select exactly those features that are important for you.

    To Myright

What are the benefits of the new MyRight product? 

AW: You can take out MyRight coverage online with just a few clicks, and it will give you uncomplicated and inexpensive insurance coverage straight away. You can see the price and benefits at a glance, and thanks to the modular structure you can put together the insurance package that meets your needs best. With MyRight there’s no paperwork, no small print, and no automatic renewal of policies. On the contrary: Once the minimum term of three months has elapsed, you can give notice any month. And anyone who needs legal advice can opt for the one-off telephone consultation.

How does the one-off telephone consultation work?

AW: Let’s suppose you're having trouble with your neighbor and want to find out what legal steps to take, but don’t have any legal protection insurance. In this case you can request a one-off consultation with our legal experts: You choose an appointment online and make a quick and simple credit card payment. On request, legal experts at AXA-ARAG will call you back within four hours, check the documents, and recommend action to take.  

Sounds good. But where’s the catch? 

AW: There isn’t one (laughs). We're able to offer the “legal advice” service at very reasonable rates compared with most law firms. But it’s important to know that this is just a consulting service: It doesn’t cover the cost of any further litigation, let alone court fees. For that we recommend our legal protection insurance – what you could call a no-worries package.

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    Alfred Widmer

    Alfred Widmer has headed AXA-ARAG Switzerland since 2016. He studied political science, history and international relations in Fribourg, Barcelona and London. On completing his studies, he spent some years advising global insurers and reinsurers on strategy, organization, and transformation. After that, Alfred Widmer worked for a major Swiss insurance group in Switzerland, Spain, Morocco and the UK in a number of roles, including Chief Operations Officer and Chief Claims Officer.

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