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AXA vehicle insurance offers many benefits that extend far beyond those offered by standard insurance. An example is our replacement car service.


Replacement car service

If it comes to a collision or the engine fails, your car will first have to go to the workshop. However, with our replacement car service, you can continue your journey right away and you will always reach your destination. And best of all: You are also protected on vacation. If your vehicle fails abroad, we assume your travel, transportation or car hire costs. 

Adjustable according to your requirements. 

Is your car your pride and joy, or just a means of getting from A to B? Do you use it every day or only now and then? Do you often travel abroad on vacation or do you only use your car in Switzerland? Our car insurance options are as diverse as the needs of our customers. Click here to find out more about individual insurance options or put together the ideal combination online now using the premium calculator. 


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I always have to inform the police if I have an accident?

    No. In the case of a minor accident, filling out an accident report is sufficient. However, if the question of who was at fault is unclear, it's always advisable to call the police. If someone is injured, you must, by law, inform the police.

    In case of a collision with an animal, you must inform the police immediately; if it involves a wild animal, you must inform the responsible game warden immediately.


  • Who pays for the replacement vehicle during the repair?

    If you let us make the arrangements for the repair you benefit as follows:

    • Free replacement vehicle
    • Car pickup and delivery service
    • Vehicle cleaning after the repair


  • What does the Replacement Car Service cover?

    With this coverage, travel, transportation or car hire costs caused by the failure of the vehicle as a result of a breakdown or accidental damage, up to CHF 1,000.

    The Replacement Car Service is available for passenger cars, delivery vans and motorcycles.

  • What must I do if a loss event occurs?

    In the event of a failure of the vehicle, call AXA toll-free on 0800 809 809 and report your damage. If you require a replacement vehicle, we will refund the costs (up to a maximum of CHF 1,000) subsequently.

  • Where is the insurance valid?

    The insurance is valid in Switzerland, the rest of Europe, and the countries bordering the Mediterranean – without the Russian Federation, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

  • Do I have to pay a deductible if I need a replacement car?

    No, no deductible is payable. We assume the costs up to a maximum of CHF 1,000. 

  • When does my premium rise following a claim?

    If you file a liability or comprehensive accidental damage claim before September 30, your premium will increase from January 1 of the following year. In the case of claims that you file between September 30 and December 31, you will start paying a higher premium only from January 1 of the year after the following calendar year.

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