Personal liability

1 year free insurance protection*

Our personal liability insurance covers you if you cause loss or damage to others. And that can happen only too quickly – for example, if you are traveling with someone else's car or playing sports.

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If the worst happens

A dent in your neighbor's garage door or paint stains on the parquet flooring: A mishap can occur very quickly. AXA personal liability insurance protects you against the financial consequences if you accidentally cause damage to a third party.


This was my first loss event that I reported to an insurance company. I wouldn't have thought that it could be settled so easily, especially as I can no longer prove a short circuit in the apartment! That's why I'd like to thank you with top marks for your straightforward claims handling.

Erika Dorothea V.

We'd always had a rather difficult relationship with our neighbor. But he went too far when he accused our daughter of defacing the wall of his house with graffiti. Fortunately, AXA helped us.

Markus E.

Quick and straightforward. The procedure was always clearly communicated which led to a speedy end to the matter.

Jeton N.

*1 year free basic coverage, for everyone up to age 30, on conclusion of personal liability insurance. On taking out a policy online: 5-year contract term. Can be terminated annually.


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