Carefree driving in Spain

Planning a vacation in Spain? Great! But: If, for example, you take your bike with you on the back of your car, you need a special warning sign and, of course, a bicycle helmet. Get the information you need in good time. And we can tell you what else there is that’s important to know. 

Family vacation in Spain? – An example:

(in German) 

Points to bear in mind:

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    Tip 1 – Speed limits: There's certainly not much for you to get wrong here. Almost everything is the same as at home.

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    Tipp 2 - Mandatory: Projecting loads at the rear of your car (e.g. bicycles) require a special Spanish warning sign.

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    Tip 3 – Good to have: Get an accident report and the «green card» (order / important links).

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    Car accident – what now?

    Do you know what to do in the event of a road accident? This checklist will guide you.

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Important links to help you plan your vacation

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    Treat yourself to the best and safest travel assistance. Choose from three modules that you can take out individually or combine.

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