New business relationships

You do not yet have a contract with AXA but have suffered a loss caused by a customer of AXA. You are interested in a job offer or an insurance policy from AXA and are therefore carrying out a simulation or receiving a quotation.

If you have a contract with AXA, you can find the data protection provisions here.

Individual cases

  • Claim for persons who are not customers of AXA

    In connection with a claim, AXA is also authorized to obtain any relevant information from, and inspect the files of other insurers, authorities (police or investigating authorities, department of motor vehicles offices, or similar offices), as well as from motor vehicle manufacturers and other third parties. Where necessary, the eligible claimant must authorize the offices mentioned above to disclose the relevant information. This is based on Art. 39 of the Federal Act on Insurance Contracts (ICA).

    For motor vehicle insurance: For the purpose of combating insurance fraud, vehicle data can be exchanged with the central database of affiliated insurance companies (CarClaims-Info) in the event of a claim.

    To simplify administrative procedures, AXA Group companies operating in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein grant each other access to the following data:

    • master data;
    • basic contract data;
    • claims summary;
    • customer profiles.
  • Simulations and quotations (data in calculation tools)

    Supplementary information regarding the application

    Agreements or assurances of AXA sales staff in deviation from the printed proposal / application or of the General or Special Conditions are only binding for AXA if they are confirmed by the responsible office in writing.

    The applicant has received the General Conditions, the source of information for the pre-contract obligation of information under Art. 3 of the Insurance Contract Act. The applicant authorizes AXA to obtain the necessary information from authorities and third parties, particularly from the previous insurer regarding the prior claims history, within the framework of reviewing the application. However this doesn't release him/her from answering the questions completely and truthfully. The information is confirmed by signature or digital conclusion.

    AXA stores the personal data obtained to draw up a quotation or an application for five years from the date of issue; this also applies in cases where the insurance is not taken out. It uses this data to improve its products and offers, and to give the applicant other customized product recommendations.

    The applicant agrees that AXA Group companies operating in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein may grant each other access to master data (e.g. name, address, payment details) and basic contract data (excluding application, claims data or legal cases data) in order to simplify administrative procedures as part of contract processing. AXA is bound by law to treat the received information confidentially.

  • Private pensions: Application (TwinStar product)

    While preparing and managing the contract, AXA Life Ltd becomes aware of the following:

    • Customer data (name, address, date of birth, gender, nationality, banking details, etc.), stored in electronic customer files;
    • Application data (details on the insured risk, replies to application questions, etc.), filed in policy files and saved in electronic risk databases;
    • Contract data (contract term, insured risks and benefits, etc.), stored in contract administration systems such as physical policy files and electronic risk databases;
    • Payment data (dates on which premiums are received, outstanding amounts, reminders, credit balances, etc.), stored in collection databases;
    • Data on any benefits paid (benefits reports, investigation reports, invoices, etc.), stored in physical benefits files and electronic benefits application systems.

    This data is required to assess the risk, manage the contract, collect the premiums on time, and administer the benefits correctly. The data must be stored for at least ten years following termination of the contract; data on benefits must be stored for at least ten years after settlement of the benefit case.

    If necessary, the data can be passed on to involved third parties such as other participating insurers, pledgees, and external experts. Data may also be forwarded for the purpose of detecting or preventing insurance fraud.

    The applicant hereby agrees that AXA Group companies may grant each other access to master data (name, address, bank account details, etc.) and basic contract information (excluding application and benefits data) in order to simplify administrative procedures and for marketing purposes. AXA Life Ltd undertakes to treat all information it obtains as confidential.

  • Healthcare

    Data processing and acquisition

    Please note the information on data processing by AXA and on data security. You authorize AXA in particular to obtain information from third parties (e.g. doctors, hospitals and health insurance funds) provided this is necessary to verify your information.

    Declaration of consent for distribution of information

    In order to process an application and check for a potential breach of disclosure obligation, it may be necessary to obtain additional information. AXA obtains this from the healthcare providers (e.g. doctors, hospitals and other medical institutions), social insurance providers (especially health and accident insurers) and private insurance institutions. This releases these institutions from their statutory and contractual confidentiality obligation versus AXA, allowing them to pass information on to AXA and to grant AXA the right to inspect documents.

    Communication via a public network

    The application data you send electronically is stored on secure AXA servers and is subject to Swiss data protection law. Application data sent by email is transmitted via the public network. Please be aware that the public network might be insecure and that unauthorized third parties could view the information. There is also a risk of unauthorized third parties changing the information between the time that it is sent and received.

    Information on data processing

    AXA retains and processes information that is derived from the contract documents or contract processing. AXA uses this information, among other things, for checking applications, processing claims, risk assessment, statistical analyses and marketing. The information can also be transferred on to third parties.

    Terms and conditions of data protection

    The AXA website uses Google Analytics and Google Remarketing. Cookie and data protection provisions for the Google advertising applications DoubleClick, Google Adwords and Google Analytics can be found at the following link
    Your consent to the above applies regardless of whether an insurance contract is taken out.

  • Applying for a job with AXA

    Applicants have the opportunity to find out about vacant positions at the AXA companies in Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as "AXA") on the AXA application platform and to submit electronic applications. The following companies are included:

    • AXA Insurance Ltd
    • AXA Group Operations CH
    • AXA Investment Managers CH
    • AXA Liabilities Managers CH
    • AXA GIE, Paris, Winterthur branch, CH
    • AXA Services Switzerland
    • AXA-ARAG Legal Protection Ltd

    This privacy statement informs you about the processing of your personal data within the framework of using this application platform and the application process.

    Responsible body

    AXA Insurance Ltd, General Guisan Str. 40, 8401 Winterthur is responsible for the AXA application platform and the operation of the application process.

    If you have any questions in connection with your application, you can contact the responsible recruiting manager in accordance with the vacancy notice.

    Applicant data collected

    As an applicant, you have the option to register on the AXA application platform and to upload information relevant to your application. Please enter the following basic information so that we can give you access to the AXA application platform: first name, last name, email address, and user language.

    As part of your application, you must provide the personal data necessary to carry out the application process and the aptitude assessment. Without this information we are unable to conduct the application process and reach a decision on the establishment of an employment relationship. The required data includes your current CV and current certificates (work references and training diplomas). You have the option of entering or uploading additional personal information that is relevant to your application. You yourself decide what you wish to include.

    Purpose of the data processing

    The prime purpose of the data processing is the execution of the application procedure and the assessment of your suitability for the vacant position. Hence it is necessary to process your application data so that we can decide whether or not to enter into an employment contract with you.

    If necessary, we also process your data in order to protect our legitimate interests or those of third parties (e.g. authorities). An example of such legitimate interests is the processing of data for statistical purposes; we only use anonymized data and no inference can be made pertaining to any individual applicant.

    Your application details are treated as strictly confidential at all times. Should we wish to use your personal data for a purpose not listed above, we will inform you in advance.

    Data disclosure and data transmission

    Your data is only accessible to persons and bodies who need it to make the recruiting decision and to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations. In general these are recruiting managers, plus your potential line managers.

    Within the AXA group of companies, your data will be sent to specific companies if they carry out data processing tasks centrally (e.g. central IT service provider) within the framework of the application system for the affiliated group companies.

    In addition, we will only forward your personal data to other recipients if there is a legal obligation to provide that information.

    We only transmit personal data to service providers outside of Switzerland if the EU Commission has recognized the third country as meeting an appropriate level of data protection or if other appropriate data protection guarantees (e.g. binding in-house data protection regulations or EU standard contractual clauses or an EU-US Privacy Shield) exist.

    Data security and confidentiality

    Data privacy is important for us. AXA has the necessary organizational and technical measures in place to ensure the confidentiality of your application data. All AXA employees are aware of the need for data protection and data security and are subject to the duty of confidentiality. During data processing, the general standards for data security in accordance with the current state of technology are applied.

    Retention and deletion of your data in the AXA application platform

    Your application details and the application documentation you have entered or uploaded to the AXA application platform will be automatically deleted or anonymized six months after the end of the application process. However, you can deactivate your profile yourself at any time on the AXA applicant platform. To do so, please register in the system with your access data, click on “Main page” and “Deactivate my profile”. In addition, please contact our recruitment inbox: so that we can permanently delete your profile from the AXA applicant platform.

    Retention and deletion of your data outside of the AXA application platform

    If you did not apply via the AXA application platform, the rest of the application procedure will take place outside of the platform. The information used for this will be deleted after six months once it is no longer required for the purposes of the respective application procedure (e.g. in the case of a rejection or a negative decision in respect of your application). This will not apply if statutory regulations prevent the deletion, if further storage is required for evidentiary purposes, or if you have agreed to a longer storage period. For example, personal data can be retained for evidentiary purposes for the period in which the possibility exists that claims be asserted against our company.

    If AXA Switzerland wishes to store your application documents in the AXA candidate pool so that we can review them in connection with possible future vacancies, you will be informed about this in advance by a recruiting manager. If you agree to their inclusion in the candidate pool, your documents will be stored there for 12 months so that AXA can contact you again with respect to future vacant positions. If your professional situation changes within these 12 months or you are no longer interested in possible employment at our company, please do not hesitate to contact your recruiting manager so that your data can be deleted before this period expires. All information in the candidate pool will be automatically deleted after 12 months at the latest.

    If your application leads to the conclusion of an employment contract, your data will continue to be stored and used for the purposes of the usual organizational and administrative process and the conduct of the working relationship in accordance with the relevant legal provisions. These are governed in detail by your employment contract.

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