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Occupational benefits

Solutions for autonomous pension funds

With tailored reinsurance you benefit from reliable protection of your occupational benefits institution against negative results and thereby increase your capacity to act. AXA’s range of offers goes way beyond the pure reinsurance of biometric risks. In every other area too, we offer you precisely the support you want.

Reinsurance for all risks

Reinsurance solutions that are innovative and a precisely tailored fit for your pension fund: The benefits from AXA are as unique as your pension fund.

Reinsurance solutions

Reinsurance coverage as per the regulations

The insurance benefits from AXA correspond to the regulatory pension benefits of your occupational benefits institution for the risks of death and disability. The tailored risk protection achieves equal coverage.

Risk coverage with individual premium (Risk Protection)

The individual premium solution includes the full (matching) reinsurance of the regulatory risks of death and/or disability. The result is an appropriate risk coverage including the delegation of management to AXA. The pension fund itself is responsible for investing its pension assets.

Risk coverage with flat-rate premium (Easy Risk Protection)

The flat-rate premium solution guarantees the full (matching) or partial reinsurance of the risks of death and disability. The pension fund itself is responsible for investing its pension assets and management.

Own cash basis accounting (CBA)

The proven alternative to the standard way of calculating rates takes into account the risk pattern of the insured group. This reinsurance solution offers maximum transparency to occupational benefits institutions.

Stop Loss

As a surplus damage or stop-loss insurance, all benefit risks in excess of a defined deductible are covered without limit. The maximum claims amount for the pension fund for the risks of death and disability is thereby restricted in a reliable way.

All-round competence

Would you also like a comprehensive optimization of your pension fund situation? You have various options for a precise customization. This frees up scope wherever you need it.

Everything from a single source

With more than 100 years’ experience in occupational benefits insurance and in the management of occupational benefits institutions, AXA is the ideal partner for your pension fund. Here are a few keywords that we're happy to explain in more detail:

Asset Management

Making major investments requires specialists: At the investment foundation AWi and at AXA Investment Managers, you will benefit from professional support in investing your pension assets. From special products through to comprehensive concepts for Swiss pension funds, occupational benefits institutions of all types will find an offer tailored to them.

Participation in surpluses

Benefit directly from AXA’s high level of security by having your risk surpluses deducted directly from the risk premiums you owe right from the start of your contract term.


With the help of this unique tool you can benefit from straightforward processing of your next trustee elections. The advantages of SmartElection are considerable.

PensionLink notification system

This efficient paperless system for notification of business cases is unique in Switzerland. It will help you to reduce the administrative costs of your pension fund consistently over the long term.

Coverage for your Board of Trustees

Protection against liability claims also belongs to the basic operational requirements of occupational benefits institutions. With the combination of directors' and officers' liability insurance and professional liability insurance, you benefit from AXA’s cutting-edge experience as market leader in the area of financial loss liability insurance.

Relief in administration and management

The broad service offering from AXA Pension Solutions complements the product range of AXA with numerous outsourcing options.

Operating statement

Transparency for our customers: AXA is committed to providing clear information about its activities in occupational benefits insurance – an important factor for gaining your trust.

AXA pursues a secure strategy aimed at providing long-term stability

The greatest concern of AXA and those it insures is the long-term security and stability of the retirement assets. Even in fast-moving times like ours, everything AXA does is geared to the long term: We take a forward-looking approach in everything we do and give priority to security above all else.

The process of redistribution from young to old has a total of CHF 811 million in 2016.
AXA advocates fairness between the generations: Longer life expectancy must not result in one generation having to bear a heavier burden than another.

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