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Flex Invest is the flexible pension offering for higher incomes. The individual choice of investment strategy makes it possible to tailor pension solutions to individual circumstances.

  • Individual choice of investment strategy by the insured person
  • The right investment strategy for each risk profile
  • No sale of investments necessary in vested benefits cases

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The Pillar 2 legislation allows insured persons with a high income a greater level of self-determination. Starting from a set salary amount, they can determine the investment strategy for their pension assets themselves. This opens up opportunities for higher interest and creates tax savings.

What are the advantages of Flex Invest?

  • Salary portions exceeding CHF 127,980 are insured as a supplementary pension separately from the remaining pension assets. The contributions are deductible from taxable income.
  • AXA offers various investment strategies with corresponding securities to choose from.
  • Every insured person chooses the investment strategy corresponding to their personal risk profile and individual investment horizon.
  • On departure the securities are transferred to a vested benefits account.
  • On retirement they are transferred to the insured person's personal custody account.
  • Flex Invest, the 1e pension solution, is offered by AXA in cooperation with Liberty Pension Ltd.

About the foundation

The Liberty 1e Flex Invest Foundation in Seewen, Schwyz, was established in 2009. It is active exclusively in the extra-mandatory area of pension benefits. Consequently, it is geared first and foremost to companies looking to insure salaries outside of the statutory BVG limits. Members of senior and executive management will find individual and tailored pension solutions in the extra-mandatory sphere. Income of over CHF 127,980 and up to 853,200 can be fully or partially insured with the 1e Flex Invest Foundation.

Features and concept

Management of investments

  • The insured person selects up to 10 investment strategies corresponding to his or her personal situation. Investment risk is borne by the insured person.
  • Implementation is carried out by Liberty Pension Ltd. 

Protection of pension benefits

  • Benefits in the event of disability or if an insured person dies are reinsured with AXA Life Ltd.
  • Solely lump-sum benefits will be paid out on retirement.

Administration and management

  • Liberty Pension Ltd.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Liberty 1e Flex Invest Foundation is composed of the following members:

  • Stephan Hegner (Chair)

    Law degree (lic. iur.) and bar examination
    Independent and professional board of trustees and board of administration member

  • Alessandro Rizzi

    Degree in economics from HSG
    Independent asset manager and investment advisor

  • Josef Dittli

    Councilor, Council of States of Canton Uri
    Chair, Kassenkommission der Pensionskasse Uri

  • Beat Stalder

    Partner and member of the executive committee of
    Bommer + Partner Treuhandgesellschaft, Bern

Other supplementary solutions

AXA's collective foundations stand out due to the considerable flexibility of their structures. Find out more about the other supplementary solutions available from AXA.  

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