Fidelity insurance (crime)

It happens more often than you think: Embezzlement, fraud, defamation, and the disclosure of business secrets. These and other criminal acts by your employees or damage by unknown third parties can cause considerable damage to your company and others. With fidelity insurance you transfer these risks to AXA.

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Benefits of AXA fidelity insurance

  • Specialist claims service
  • Comprehensive crisis management
  • Worldwide coverage

Features of fidelity insurance

Unfortunately you can never totally eliminate crime – but you can eliminate financial losses. Fidelity insurance from AXA ensures that criminal acts do not become a financial burden for the insured businesses. 

Cover includes financial losses (including the theft of monetary assets, data, and objects) that are inflicted upon an insured business 

  • by trusted persons;
  • via social engineering attacks by third parties;
  • by the disclosure of trade and business secrets.

In doing so, AXA covers losses in your business as well as losses for which your business can be made liable.

Trusted persons are deemed to be employees and representatives of the insured businesses (e.g. boards of directors, managers) as well as third parties engaged by the insured business such as security and cleaning staff or lawyers and fiduciaries.

Prevention offer

Prevention is the most effective means of countering white-collar crime. It begins with the establishment of prevention risk consciousness.

In order to provide the best preventive protection for your company, an individual analysis by proven experts is to be recommended. In a collaboration with Structuul AG, AXA offers you the opportunity to take preventive measures in your company and implement protection at an early stage.

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    Make provision and secure a discount

    For companies that have taken out D&O or fidelity insurance with AXA, Structuul AG grants a discount of CHF 750 on the Fraud.Prevention.Awareness program.

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Following successful completion of an individual Fraud.Prevention.Awareness program with Structuul AG, AXA grants a one-time discount of CHF 250 on the next annual premium of your D&O or fidelity insurance with AXA.

Support and frequently asked questions

  • I have complete faith in my employees. I have also taken relevant security measures. Why should I take out fidelity insurance?

    Studies show that the most damage incurred as a result of white-collar crime is caused by a company’s own staff. They know the company well and have the corresponding opportunities. The higher the employee’s hierarchical level, the greater the damage caused.

    Internal security measures help avoid minor errors, but also prevent the conscious execution of white-collar crimes as well as their faster discovery. Unfortunately not all crimes can be prevented. By taking out fidelity insurance, you transfer the residual risk to AXA.

  • What other benefits do I have from taking out fidelity insurance?

    By taking out fidelity insurance, you protect your company not only against liquidity bottlenecks due to white-collar crime, but you also minimize the personal liability risk of the executive board and board of directors.

  • My company is a small business, is it worth taking out fidelity insurance at all?

    Taking out fidelity insurance makes sense for small, medium-sized and large businesses. Furthermore, a financial loss can quickly threaten the very existence of small businesses in particular. With AXA, you have the option of choosing from a range of different sums insured to cover your actual needs.

  • Are financial losses from cyber events also covered?

    No, AXA deliberately excludes financial losses arising from cyber events from its fidelity insurance. Cyber events are occurring more and more often these days and are more complex than ever. In our view, this risk requires a separate and comprehensive insurance solution. You can find more information on cyber insurance at

  • How would AXA support me in the event of a claim?

    If you become aware of an insured event, you can get in touch with AXA directly. AXA will support you in maintaining calm, keeping an overview and taking the necessary measures Furthermore, under certain circumstances AXA will cover the cost of loss assessment and legal action.

    AXA will also support you in reducing the risk against future similar cases.

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