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Commercial legal protection insurance from AXA: Eliminate legal disputes for your company

Legal protection insurance for small companies

An AXA-ARAG product

Would you like an offer that's the right fit for your company size? Then here it is: This straightforward total package has been specially developed for small companies.

  • Up to CHF 600,000 per legal case
  • Legal risks under control
  •, the legal information portal

A simple solution – a powerful insurance package

Up to an AHV salary of CHF 200,000 or annual turnover up to CHF 500,000, the total package from AXA-ARAG offers you comprehensive legal certainty in all relevant areas of law.

Benefits/assumption of costs:

  • Legal advice and representation
  • Fees of an independent lawyer
  • Expert opinions
  • Court fees and procedural costs
  • Non-court costs awarded to the opposing party
  • Bail to avoid pre-trial detention (advance payment)
  • Mediation

All important fields of law:

  • Labor law up to CHF 600,000
  • Tenancy and leasehold law up to CHF 600,000
  • Contract law up to CHF 100,000
  • Insurance law up to CHF 600,000
  • Ownership and property law up to CHF 600,000
  • Neighbor law up to CHF 600,000
  • Expropriation up to CHF 600,000
  • Vehicle taxation up to CHF 600,000
  • Business trips up to CHF 600,000
  • Civil damages law and satisfaction up to CHF 600,000
  • Criminal and administrative proceedings up to CHF 600,000
  • Permits up to CHF 600,000
  • Internet legal protection up to CHF 10,000
  • Legal advice insurance

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