Service package "Driving at Work"

Service package "Driving at Work"

Do you know the damage pattern and the savings potential of your vehicle fleet? The service package "Driving at Work" shows you this and supports you with effective measures in damage prevention. With AXA your fleet will also do better when it comes to all non-insured risks.

  • Up to 30% fewer accidents
  • Driver safety training tailored to your key risks
  • Meaningful damage analysis and information material

The prevention package for your fleet.

"Driving at Work" is a simple-to-use service package for fleet managers offering a professional approach to accident prevention. It includes free and reduced-price offers. The cost savings and the image boost for your company are considerable.

Prevention pays off

International studies show that with the help of targeted prevention a reduction of up to 30% of accidents is possible.

You benefit at all levels from our service package "Driving at Work":

  • Advice on prevention
  • Presentations on prevention
  • Possibility to install telematics for fleets
  • Possibility to install crash recorders
  • Reduced-price driver safety training – tailored to the damage pattern at your company
  • Reduced-price further training for fleet managers
  • Training and information material
  • Motivating posters
  • Damage analyses including potential cost savings

The 6-point program of "Driving at Work"

For more than 30 years, AXA has been investigating the causes, circumstances and effects of vehicle accidents and is the only insurance company in Switzerland with its own unit devoted to accident research and prevention. Learn the 6 key points of accident prevention with "Driving at Work" now!

The 6-point program for greater safety with "Driving at Work"

1: Don’t let yourself be distracted!

According to the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), inattentiveness and distraction are the main causes of one in every five accidents. Using a mobile phone, operating equipment, external distractions, conversations with passengers, and eating and drinking are the biggest sins.

Sensible assistance systems:

  • Head-up display
  • Lane departure warning assistant
  • Light assistant
  • Collision warning system
  • Braking assistant
  • Foresighted emergency brake assistant

2: Take care when maneuvering and parking!

55% of damage is caused when maneuvering or parking, making them the commonest types of accident for vehicle fleets.

Sensible assistance systems:

  • Passive parking assistant (warning)
  • Active parking assistant
  • Reverse warning system and cameras
  • Modern rearview mirror systems

3: Keep your distance!

Rear-end collisions are the second most frequent type of accident. They are most likely to occur in urban areas and can cause severe personal injuries.

Sensible assistance systems:

  • Head-up display
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Collision warning system
  • Braking assistant
  • Foresighted emergency brake assistant

4: Modify your speed!

70% of all accidents caused by speed are skidding and single-vehicle accidents. They very often lead to loss of life. It is important to make a realistic assessment of the driving conditions, and to modify your speed accordingly.

Sensible assistance systems:

  • Electronic stability program (ESP)
  • Speed limitation systems
  • Navigation and fleet management systems

5: Don’t drive when tired!

If you're over-tired, your response time and ability to concentrate both slow down. Tiredness is responsible for 10 – 20% of road accidents.

Sensible assistance systems:

  • Driver fatigue detector
  • Foresighted emergency brake assistant
  • Lane departure warning assistant

6: Secure your load before starting your journey!

Securing loads is crucial, as a poorly secured or unsecured load can kill.

Sensible assistance system:

Electronic stability program (ESP)

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