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Alternative to factoring: Get your customer invoices prefinanced

Do you often have a long wait before customers pay you? No problem! With FlexCash you have free, flexible access to your money directly after issuing the invoice. Our partner offer with Advanon makes business planning easy and offers a low-cost alternative to factoring.

  • Liquidity within 24 hours
  • Inexpensive and flexible
  • Full cost transparency

Questions about the offer    0041 44 273 94 00

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The FlexCash idea: SMEs can get pre-financing for their unpaid customer invoices with the help of investors via an online platform.

  • Your company location: Switzerland
  • Minimum amount CHF 1,000 (multiple invoices can be bundled)
  • Invoice issued to a company (no invoices to private individuals)
  • Credit check and rating of your SME on registration

Your customer is unaware of the pre-financing. (You can also sell your invoice on FlexCash as an alternative to pre-financing. Your customer is informed in this case.)

Complete flexibility for your SME – try it now

  • Quick financing
    The money is on your account within 24 hours at most, provided investors like the conditions. You receive 90% of the invoice amount. 
  • Costs

Tiny referral fee for AXA and Advanon – Average 1% depending on the invoice amount and repayment deadline

Interest rate of your choice – A suggested rate is provided, based on the invoice conditions and the key business figures you supply at registration.

  • Freely selectable durations
    From 2 days to unlimited
    No obligations beyond the payment deadline for your invoices.
  • Security
    Data is protected at all times and is stored in Switzerland in accordance with the highest security standards.
    FlexCash is a collaboration between AXA and Advanon. Both companies are subject to the supervision of the Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. 
  • For AXA customers and non-customers
    This offer is open to all SMEs. Including those with no AXA insurance contracts. 

How does it work?

As soon as your SME has completed one-time registration, you can release any number of your customer invoices for pre-financing. This is how:

  1. Generate invoice: You issue an invoice to the customer in the usual way.
  2. Upload invoice: You determine your preferred interest rate and repayment deadline and publish the invoice on FlexCash.
  3. The investor pays: Provided an investor agrees to your conditions, the financing amount will be transferred to your account within 24 hours.
  4. Repayment to the investor: You repay the amount loaned plus the agreed costs once the payment deadline has been reached. 

Support and frequently asked questions

  • How can I register?

    Register. You will be asked to provide documents for the calculation of key financial figures in a company check. The identification of the signatory/ies plus signature(s) and a copy of their ID or passport is necessary, at the latest before the first financing is transferred. Call 0041 44 273 94 00 or join the live chat on the platform if you have any questions.

  • What happens if the end-customer doesn’t pay?

    If your customer fails to pay, you bear the default risk. The same applies to the invoicing without any pre-financing. FlexCash does not insure you against payment default. Your SME remains liable for debt collection. It makes sense to only pre-finance invoices that you can assume will be paid.

  • Who are the investors?

    There is a pool of several hundred investors. They comprise professional investors, companies with a liquidity surplus, and wealthy private individuals.

  • How do I get investor financing and how do I repay the amount?

    If an investor confirms he will pre-finance your invoice, the money will be forwarded to you via our collaboration partner Advanon. This offers you security. As soon as the payment deadline has been reached and your customer has paid the invoice, you transfer the invoice amount plus fees to the investor via Advanon.

  • Can repayment deadlines to investors be extended?

    Repayments to FlexCash can be extended by up to 60 days. This offers greater scope in case your customer pays late, but does incur additional fees.

  • Can I also pre-finance the invoices that I have to pay?

    At present, only invoices that you issue to business customers (no private individuals) can be pre-financed via FlexCash.

  • Is my data secure?

    Data is protected at all times and is stored in Switzerland in accordance with the highest security standards. You yourself decide which invoices you upload to the platform.

  • Who can access my data?

    As a rule, only you can access your data.

  • Can I delete my account?

    You can delete your account at any time under the account settings. Your data is then no longer accessible to anyone.

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