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The winter has Switzerland firmly in its grip. The weather is unpredictable and the first Swiss ski resorts have already been cut off from the outside world. At first, it may sound exciting, but it generates extra costs. In this case, who assumes the extra costs for an extended stay?

After a slow start, winter has definitely arrived. Due to extraordinary amounts of snow, there is a high risk of avalanches in Disentis and Sedrun, and the access roads have been closed as a precaution. Locals and holiday guests are stranded.

An exceptional situation like this creates inconvenience and extra costs: Stays in accommodation have to be extended, employers have to be informed, and return journeys also need to be replanned. The pleasure experienced from the surrounding white landscape can quickly evaporate.

This blog article explains which costs are covered by travel insurance, and whether additional vacation days have to be taken.

Departure impossible: What does your travel insurance pay?

For an involuntary extension of your stay, travel insurance from AXA assumes the additional costs for accommodation and meals during the extended stay up to a maximum of CHF 1000.– per insured person.

If all access roads are blocked and a departure by helicopter is possible, AXA assumes the costs of this alternative, provided it results in a shorter stay and lower expenses.

For ski passes already purchased, rented ski equipment, or ski lessons already booked, please contact the provider. In such exceptional situations, it is usually possible to reach a goodwill solution. We are happy to advise you in this matter.

Travel to vacation destination not possible: What costs are reimbursed?

If travel to your vacation destination is not possible due to blocked access roads, AXA travel insurance reimburses the following costs:

  • Expenditure for the accommodation

  • Expenditure for the trip using public transportation

  • Costs for ski passes already purchased

  • Costs of ski lessons already booked and rented ski equipment

Delayed return to work: Do I have to take additional vacation days?

Carole Kaufmann Ryan, lawyer specializing in labor law at AXA ARAG: "If your return to work is delayed due to force majeure, you must take additional vacation days or a reduction in salary, even if it is not your fault. Entitlement to continued salary payment according to Article 324a SCO only applies if the employee is hindered for reasons connected to his person (e.g. sickness, accident, military service). It may be possible to agree compensation by working overtime in a discussion with your employer."

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