Sustainable into the future

Sustainable into the future

We want to make a sustainable contribution to the future that goes far beyond our core business. We are committed to a livable environment, a stable economy and a secure society.

  • Ambitious environmental goals
  • Sustainable investments
  • Innovative offerings

The main risks up to 2025

The five main risks expected up to 2025


The two environmental risks of climate change and natural resource management rank among the world's five greatest risks. This is why we are committed to climate protection and the energy transition. The theme of "climate & energy" is a focal point of our sustainability strategy. 

AXA assumes responsibility in Switzerland

To improve people's lives – that is AXA Switzerland's primary company goal. Our sustainable behavior is designed to ensure quality of life in the future. What are we doing in concrete terms?

  • We set ourselves targets for more sustainable behavior in the areas of Climate & Energy.
  • Our investment strategies take into account ecological, social and economic aspects. 
  • We maintain long-term, solid and trusting relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers. 
  • In procurement, we take into account environmental and social criteria. 
  • The development of innovative products and services with a positive impact on the environment and society.
  • Support for SMEs that develop innovative solutions for climate protection.
  • Cooperation with a variety of organizations and associations.
  • The promotion of sustainable solution approaches through the financing of research projects and the support of start-ups.
  • We have our own accident research.
  • We exercise our voting rights at the general and shareholder meetings of companies. 

AXA Group corporate responsibility

AXA is well aware of its corporate responsibility and exercises it long-term. It keeps track of three strategic global themes: climate change, prevention of health risks, and responsible handling of data.

Global strategy of AXA


AXA guidelines


Our ecological footprint

AXA improves its ecological footprint from year to year.


ESG integration (ESG = environmental, social, governance)

We integrate corporate governance and environmental criteria, as well as social criteria into our daily work, in order to ensure that our activities are effective, ethically correct, and sustainable.


Investment guidelines of AXA Group


Research projects in which the AXA Group invests worldwide

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