Sustainable products

At AXA, we focus on our customers and our long-term relationship of trust with them. We care about the safety of our customers in all areas of life and support them in living an environmentally conscious and responsible life with the help of our sustainable products.

AXA promotes sustainable behavior

With its targeted product range, AXA invites its customers to make an active contribution of their own to climate protection or a safer society:

  • We offer customers who have taken out vehicle insurance with us a Crash Recorder including its installation in their vehicle. After all, drivers in cars equipped with a Crash Recorder take fewer risks and drive more carefully. 
  • As the leading insurer in the area of renewable energy, AXA insures more than 200 hydropower plants and around 20 wind turbines. 
  • We accompany corporate customers in their company's health management from prevention to reintegration at the workplace. 
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    Crash Recorder & premium discount

    Find out more here about the Crash Recorder and the premium discount for energy-efficient vehicles.


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