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Sustainable procurement

AXA's procurement is focused on sustainability and uses clearly defined processes. What is needed to run an insurance company? AXA's requirements cover the following areas, among others: advice, translations, temporary employees, audit services, IT services, real estate, marketing, travel, office material, outsourcing.


AXA takes its responsibility toward its stakeholder groups seriously. AXA's procurement department fosters both sustainable and social general conditions:

Demands on ourselves as purchaser

AXA Procurement employees apply the principles of fairness, neutrality, confidentiality and transparency in their work.

Demands on our suppliers

All suppliers sign a Supplier Code of Conduct that guarantees their ethical behavior. Suppliers of high volumes are reviewed across their entire chain by an independent third party.

Demands on products and services

In selecting products and services, Corporate Responsibility requirements and sustainability criteria are adhered to.


Sustainability criteria for procurement

AXA Procurement Corporate Responsibility Charter




In selecting its suppliers and their products, AXA not only pays attention to the financial aspects, but also considers social, ecological and ethical factors.

Long-term, solid relationships with our suppliers are foremost during the procurement process. AXA therefore invests considerable time in careful supplier selection and does not immediately seek a cheaper supplier in the event of small price increases.


AXA Insurance Ltd.
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Guide to invoicing (in German)

Supplier Code of Conduct (in German)

General terms and conditions (GTC) AXA Procurement (in German)


Harmonized procurement processes at AXA are obligatory. AXA uses the ARIBA procurement system in support of these processes. This software allows for a complete electronic record of orders, invoicing, and payments.

As far as possible, AXA aims to work together with suppliers that are also affiliated to the ARIBA network. It therefore gives preference to registered suppliers.

Billing Address

AXA Insurance Ltd.
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