Collaboration with start-ups

Collaboration with start-ups

AXA is open to fresh ideas. We happily work together with start-ups that discover new ways of solving our customers’ problems – or of simplifying our own processes. A strategic partnership between AXA and a start-up is a win-win situation for both parties.

AXA as a partner of ambitious start-ups

AXA is consciously seeking opportunities to work with start-ups that stand out thanks to their innovative business model.

We are particularly interested in ambitious companies that work with themes associated with our key activities as an insurer:

  • Big data
  • Mobility
  • Home and living
  • SME solutions
  • Process optimization

As a start-up you are an ideal partner for us if you also fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have developed an initial product.
  • You already have your first customers.
  • You are interested in working with AXA.

If we are both interested in a collaboration, we generally carry out a pilot project to start with or produce a proof of concept. Following successful completion we go on to draw up the goals for a long-term collaboration together.

Various possibilities for collaboration are conceivable:

  • We develop offerings for our customers together (products, services, touchpoints) or solutions for internal challenges at AXA (e.g. optimization of our processes). 
  • Your start-up integrates AXA insurance products into its own offering.
  • Your start-up distributes or advertises AXA insurance products in a distribution partnership.
  • We act as distribution partner for your start-up by offering your products or services to our customers.


Start-ups we currently collaborate with

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Receivables financing within 24 hours. The simple and flexible solution for improving the liquidity of an SME.

To Advanon
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Digital rental process for apartments. With Flatfox, searching for and selecting tenants is simplicity itself.

To flatfox
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Impact Hub

Entrepreneurial community with more than 750 innovators, start-ups and corporates. Here's where the future of business evolves.

To Impact Hub Zurich
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Messaging as a service, companies communicate with their customers directly and simply.

To smoope
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With the payment app simply pay with the smartphone and receive payments – digitally.

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Second-hand car platform offering more than 115,000 new and used cars in Switzerland.

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Get the right information at the right time in the context of your work. Advanced Context Intelligence and Insights solution.

To Squirro

AXA Strategic Ventures

The AXA Group also invests in start-ups in Switzerland via

Do you know of a start-up, or perhaps you’ve founded one yourself, that could be interesting for AXA? We'd be delighted if you got in touch.

Open Innovation Team from AXA

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