Your apprenticeship with AXA

An apprenticeship with AXA

Start your professional career with an apprenticeship at AXA. A whole series of valuable experiences and exciting tasks await you. We train around 75 apprentices in 3 professions every year:

Check us out and apply

Is an apprenticeship with AXA the right training for you? At our information afternoon events and our open days, you will discover more about our job profiles and about AXA as an employer. You will also receive useful tips about your application.

On our jobs platform you will find our apprenticeship openings. You can apply there immediately for your preferred apprenticeship: Available apprenticeships.


  • Submit complete and error-free documents that include the following:
  1. Letter of application
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV)
  3. Application form (in German)
  4. Copies of your school transcripts for the last two to three years
  5. Copies of other diplomas and confirmation letters (e.g. language certificates, training courses)
  6. The result of the multi-check 
  • In your letter of application, let us know us why you in particular are the right person for the apprenticeship, and tell us what strengths and hobbies you have that can be valuable in the job. Include a professional application photo on your CV and on your application form.

Interview or assessment

With an invitation to an interview or an assessment you have crossed the first hurdle: We were convinced by your application documents! We’d now like to get to know you personally and find out if you are a good fit for AXA and the apprenticeship – and the other way round. The interview will give you an impression about your future activities and you will get to know potential work colleagues and mentors. Just a few days after the assessment, we will inform you if you have been successful. If we both say yes, we both sign the apprenticeship agreement.


  • Arrive punctually and well prepared for the interview – first impressions matter!
  • Find out all you can about AXA and the job profile (e.g. from career advice at biz)
  • Consider carefully why this apprenticeship in particular is ideal for you.
  • Come to one of our information afternoons or open days for schoolchildren. You’ll find a lot of useful information there and will meet some of the mentors.