Our corporate culture

Our corporate culture

Our employees are given the scope to exercise personal responsibility. They can contribute their ideas and develop in a productive environment that is characterized by respect. We are open to the broadest variety of life and family situations, from apprenticeship to retirement: Around 4300 people from over 40 different countries work for AXA in Switzerland in more than 100 occupations.

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    Life means change – Flexwork at AXA

    AXA supports flexible work: part-time, job-sharing, home office, co-working spaces; for women and men of any age. With Flexwork, AXA offers employment models that reflect life, for new possibilities and perspectives.

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That's what AXA stands for

AXA is committed to maintaining a collaborative corporate culture. We include our employees in decision-making. Personal responsibility, openness and commitment, flexibility, and family-friendliness form the cornerstones of our entire activity.

Personal responsibility

As an AXA employee, you organize your tasks yourself in a clearly defined framework. Binding commitments and on-time delivery are prerequisites for this way of working. Personal responsibility is a motivator to become active and make things happen.


At AXA we are open to the suggestions of our employees – outside of any hierarchies or departmental borders. And because every employee has different requirements and their own life situation, a variety of forms of working are available at AXA – for example, home office, flexible working hours, or part-time working.


We support employees in their search for childcare, offer advice on the family and parenthood or budget planning, and help find solutions for caring for elderly, sick or disabled family members.


With AXA Flexwork we support flexible working and generational diversity. Key elements of the program are home office, job sharing, mobile working, job rotation, and the reduction of working hours prior to retirement. 
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    How good a fit are you with AXA?

    The principles of our corporate culture are an open and respectful interaction between our employees and a strong focus on performance.

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Making diversity a reality

AXA offers a work environment characterized by tolerance and respectful interaction between its employees.

Balancing work and family

AXA has received many distinctions for its family-friendliness. We support our employees in their family lives too, with the aim of helping them achieve a seamless balance between work and their private life. After all, relaxed working and full commitment are only possible if your private life is running smoothly.

The future is male and female

Female representation at management level at AXA Switzerland is below average. We want to change that – and that’s why AXA's Executive Board, senior management and employees are committed to a series of initiatives. This includes a mentoring program, networking events, an online community, and specific departmental measures.

Society consists of young and old

Many people want to devote more time to their grandchildren or their hobby before retirement. AXA makes this possible, without sacrificing future pension benefits: Employees close to retirement can, in an agreement with their line manager, reduce their working hours to 80% and yet remain 100% insured in the pension fund despite the lower salary.

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